Sunblock has a very useful secret function: How do you use it?

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Check out another secret sunscreen feature that few people know about and use.

How do you tilt the sun visor to the left of the driver?

Lower the visor

Lower your visor – Source: spm

At first glance, the sun visor is a very simple component in all cars. Many drivers never use it, as they prefer to protect their eyes from the sun’s rays with goggles, which can be more convenient. However, the benefit of this condom should not be overlooked.

The sun visor can also protect the driver from the sun’s rays coming from the left side of the car, simply by pressing in on the small hole used to pull it out.

car visor

Source: spm

Thus, when setting sun visors, a lot of options are possible. It is always possible to adjust to improve visibility when using sun visor because it is important to stay alert on the road. The sun visor is the only protective device that uses scattering and chromatic aberration technology to ensure completely safe and clear vision.

Other uses for sunscreen, the solution for mini masks

car visor

Car protector – Source: spm

Some people use it as a briefcase, putting personal or automotive documents inside. In the event of a police check, you have everything at your fingertips.

New cars have automatic visors, which unfortunately is not the case with older cars. You can even attach your phone to it. However, when the sun visors are too small, the sun passes behind them and smartphones and tablets cannot be attached to them, it is sufficient to purchase the additional support that hangs laterally and thus solves any problem.

For some car models, you will notice a standard mirror in the sun visor. If it is not available, it can be easily added. The sun visor mirror does not replace the rear view mirror! Driver should not use it while driving to avoid any accidents. Even light reflected in a mirror can be a source of danger. Therefore, we advise you to choose a model that can be closed and opened only when the car is parked.

When you want to buy sunscreen, pay attention to its shape, length, and material. Also check the construction of the attached lens, you need to know its diameter and focal length.

It is therefore highly recommended to use all functions of the sun visor in order to reduce dazzling and protect the driver from the sun’s rays, giving him a perfectly clear field of view.

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