Why do we put chestnuts on the windowsill in winter? This will save you a “big” problem.

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Why do food spiders resort to our homes in the winter?

One thing is for sure: spiders have a bad reputation among humans. Most admit to being afraid of them, especially when they reveal themselves unexpectedly. And it is true that they creep in so quickly that it is difficult to get rid of them. The downside to these little critters is that they weave webs all over your home. There is no doubt about the use of chemical insect repellents to get rid of them from the inside of you: in addition to bringing good luck, their presence is very useful for maintaining the health of your home. On the other hand, you can discourage them from creating a spider web in your apartment. To prevent them from residing there, the method we are going to reveal to you is very effective.

First of all, you should know that when the weather is cold and rainy, spiders immediately look for a warm and dry place where they can spend the winter. Thus your indoor home is the perfect environment for them to take refuge. They usually sneak inside through windows and doors. However, many people do not appreciate this forced coexistence. In some of them, it is even very frightening. Do you no longer want to spend your time removing all those paintings that abound in every corner of the house? Instead of drastically getting rid of spiders, consider instead gently dislodging them by choosing non-harmful solutions.

Do you know ? They terrify and repel you, but spiders are essential to biodiversity. You should also thank them for constantly sterilizing your garden and home. In fact, they are carnivores and large predators that catch all the insects that bother you such as mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches.

Chestnut: A natural repellent for spiders

Therefore, it is not a question of killing them, but only of driving them away from the house. Your secret weapon? chestnut. As you know, it is always associated with autumn. Who doesn’t love savoring delicious hot chestnuts? This raw or cooked food is very nutritious and is often found on our tables during cold weather. Its fun shape entertains both young and old, and can be used for various uses, such as cleaning, skin or hair care. But, among all its benefits, not many people were aware that chestnuts effectively repel spiders.

As a bonus, you don’t need to spend a single penny. The beautiful golden autumn encourages you to take a walk and hike in the woods to recharge your batteries and breathe the fresh air. Thus, while walking, you will inevitably find an abundance of chestnuts here and there. You will kill two birds with one stone: they can be used to decorate your festive tables, they will act as a cleaning product, but also as a very reliable repellent against spiders.

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The secret is in its scent

So place a few chestnuts on your windowsill to effectively discourage spiders from becoming your roommates. In fact, it is the delicate scent of these nuts that repels spiders. They immediately lose the desire to appear in the corners of your apartment or on its walls.

If you want to make this method more perfect, you can use toothpicks or a knife to poke small holes in the chestnuts. This will allow the aromatic substances to be released more quickly. You can also use walnuts, whose strong smell will drive spiders away more quickly.

Good to know : Aphids can’t stand the smell of chestnuts either. Why not take the opportunity to protect your indoor plants? All you have to do is sprinkle it with cold water to which chestnut powder has been added. And you can expel these harmful parasites quietly!

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