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Newer models of smartphones contain various information and features that make life easier. Even the most resourceful users can access it via keyboard shortcuts or other hidden buttons. This is the case, for example, of the “1” key, which activates a very practical function for your phone calls.

Technology has made great leaps forward in the field of mobile phones. In the past, the mobile phone was used for basic functions: calls and messages. Today, this little gadget has turned into a real companion. It offers many practical features that are sometimes little known or misused. One of them is activated by a button “1”It allows you to listen to all your voicemail messages when you are unreachable.

What is the function of the “1” button on a smartphone?

With this simple gesture, you will be able to more easily access a useful function of your incoming phone calls.

  • The “1” button on the smartphone gives access to your voicemail

Dial a number on iPhone

phone keyboard. Source: spm

As a general rule, when you receive a voice message on your answering machine, the phone company notifies you by sending you an SMS on your line. So that you don’t have to dial the number manually, there is a button on your phone keypad that provides easy access. On your phone’s number keypad, press and hold the button “1”. If you haven’t saved the voicemail number yet, tap “Add Number” to put in a number according to your carrier. Once listed, all you have to do is press that shortcut to get straight to your answering machine and Listen to your voice messages. It will be recorded and stored on your phone whether it is on or off.

If the operator has changed, it is possible that the shortcut that gives access to the answering machine will not work. In this case, you can change the number through the phone settings. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Change the voicemail number in your smartphone settings

voice mail

voice mail. Source: spm

If you’ve never set up a voicemail number or want to change it, just go to your phone’s settings. To get started, tap on the phone icon and then tap on the three small dots to access Settings. In Voicemail, type your voicemail number and click OK. All you have to do is use button 1 as specified above to access your answering machine. If you have an iPhone, open Phone and tap Messaging and Set Up Now.

  • Enter the voicemail number on the smartphone according to your carrier
telephone operators

French telephone operators. Source: spm

Most French telephone operators offer their customers access to their voicemail via dedicated numbers. If you do not know the number to call To check your email, have a look at the list below:

  • Orange 888
  • Ozone 888
  • Ahmed Ali Ali
  • Mobile Victon 888
  • Ocean Telecom 777
  • Cdiscount Mobile 777
  • CIC Mobile 777
  • Credit Motuel Bank 777
  • NRJ Mobile 777
  • 666 Mobile is free
  • 660
  • 660
  • 555
  • Coriolis 222
  • Joy Telecom 123
  • Mobile Post 123
  • Brastel 123
  • 123
  • SFR123
  • 121

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