It’s really easy to apply makeup in 5 minutes with only 4 products and look naturally younger

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We can skip our morning makeup session due to lack of time. It’s just possible to be more beautiful without spending an hour in front of a mirror.

How do you get natural makeup with only 4 products?

To properly apply makeup, it is important to properly prepare your skin. For this, it must be Properly cleansed and moisturized. It is also recommended to exfoliate your facial skin once a week but also to eat well to get your dose of antioxidants and vitamins and get a brighter complexion.

She looks beautiful with natural makeup

She looks beautiful with natural makeup. Source: spm

1- A day cream to prepare your skin before makeup

To get skin ready for makeup, it’s essential to clean it. This is a crucial step before moving on to your makeup box. This is why it is important to remove makeup before anything else. Max Herlant, makeup consultant at Yves Rocher, explains: “On perfectly cleansed skin, Day cream is essential The expert points out that if you plan to wear foundation, it’s a good idea to choose a light moisturizer. Next, you’ll need to apply a foundation.


Moisturise. Source: spm

2- Foundation cream or concealer for flawless makeup

The specialist explains that the foundation should blend with the skin. Unlike those who want to get tanned skin with this product, it should be as close as possible to their natural skin tone. to test this, Put a drop of foundation on the jaw or earlobe. It is not recommended to test this product by hand because this skin is very light if we compare it to the face. It is also recommended to avoid matte foundation, which will make it waxy.

Natural and shiny makeup

Natural and shiny makeup. Source: spm

After unifying the skin tone, it’s time to correct imperfections. A make-up artist recommends doing so After preparing your skin. It is also an opportunity to erase dark circles by reducing them with a concealer. To treat it, you can mix a drop of eye serum with the product. Then apply the mixture using a brush. If you don’t have a lot of blemishes, you can just use concealer or concealer for a very natural look. In addition, for matte makeup, you can apply a matte powder for a softer, more youthful effect.

3-Mascara for glamorous makeup

An indispensable ally for a doe look, mascara is a must-have for makeup. Blue, brown or black … All fantasies are allowed to accentuate the color of your eyes and intensify your gaze. However, light application is required to avoid the pack effect and enhance the eyes naturally.

Sheer shine for luscious lips

Sheer shine for luscious lips. Source: spm

4- Glossy natural lip makeup

After applying mascara, you can beautify your lips after applying a moisturizing balm. Then comes the flashing step. Beige, pink or even transparent, it enhances the natural color of the lips while ensuring a fuller effect. To do this, simply outline the lip contour with a pencil slightly darker than your lip shade and then blend for a natural effect. Then apply the gloss and voila!

It’s now possible to look younger with just a few products that sublimate and highlight your assets…in just 5 minutes.

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