Food moths: how do you get rid of vinegar?

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As their name suggests, food moths are attracted to food. These insects are a real nuisance. And for good reason, they can It affects and spoils the food. Discover tips to instantly defeat these food parasites while protecting your food.

food moth

Food moth – Source: spm

How to permanently get rid of food moths?

To permanently expel food moths, there is no need to use mothballs that are famous for their strong odor. Instead of these chemicals, there are Natural solutions And safe, its effectiveness is beyond doubt, in addition to being inexpensive. Discover home remedies to get rid of mites while preventing a possible future infestation.

Use the repellent properties of white vinegar to scare away food moths

We will not ignore such a great ingredient as white vinegar because it is very effective in repelling food moths and many other parasites. It is simply an ideal ingredient for cleaning and disinfecting shelves that are often prone to moth infestations. To use it for this purpose, mix it with warm water and soak a clean cloth in the solution. Wipe down the walls and corners of the shelves, then let the product dry. It is recommended to be used in conjunction with other moth prevention technologies to ensure your kitchen is optimally protected against moths. Also note that you don’t need to wipe down the shelf with cleaner because the mites need to smell as much vinegar as possible in order to be gone.

Use the repellent action of lemon to keep food moths away

Dried lemon slices

Dried lemon slices – Source: spm

To get rid of these pests permanently, you can also use the repellent properties of lemons, therefore they are very effective in scaring them away. Its smell is so strong that food moths can’t stand it and end up eating it Hurry out of your house. To take advantage of this citrus fruit and eliminate the parasites involved, it is important to dry the food slices before inserting them into a bowl and then add a handful of cloves. These will multiply the desired effect tenfold. Leave the jar open and place it in your pantry area. The combination of the ingredients will improve the food mites that will eventually move in immediately.

Use the repellent properties of bay leaves to kill food moths

Bay leaves

Bay leaves – Source: spm

Another technique is to use a plant whose smell is intolerable to food moths. This is the bay leaf, a plant with excellent repellent powers against them. Just put some in different areas of your pantry and the bugs will quickly flee.

Other citrus fruits to effectively repel food moths

Like lemons, you can also use oranges to get rid of food moths. As a good citrus fruit, it is ideal for serving as a natural repellent that you can use in a similar way to a pot of lemon and clove. cut some parts of the lemon peel, Place the pieces inside a small jar and place the container in the storage area Take care to keep him away from food. Leave the jar open and the pests will fly in very quickly.

As you just noticed, the problem can be fixed quickly with the use of natural ingredients, preventing you from using synthetic products that are harmful to your health. These are solutions that pride themselves on being natural, effective and economical.

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