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Why is it smart to pour fabric softener down the toilet tank? Brilliant solution to a common problem

The bathroom is a room that is prone to the accumulation of moisture and mold, which causes unpleasant odors. To remedy this, an everyday household product will allow you to scent this spot: fabric softener.

How do you perfume the bathroom with fabric softener?

If fabric softener is used to scent laundry, this product can be used daily bathroom cleaning. It can not only perfume it but also make it clean.

softener. Source: spm

Fabric softener is ideal for combating bad toilet odors. To put this trick to good use, Generously pour this product into the tank. You will smell a delicate scent every time you sip.

This product has many other household uses, including cleaning all bathroom fixtures.

Cleaning enthusiasts adopt this product in their bathroom. For a clean sink, first plug the sink in and then pour 2 cups full of this product and add boiling water. Wait four hours Then do Turn on the water and scrub with a sponge to clean off the grime left on the sink. Your bathroom will smell nice thanks to the action of this fabric softener!

Water Cycle. Source: spm

Use fabric softener to remove dust from the door frames. Pour the product onto a cloth and wipe the surface. Fabric softener is also a preventative measure as it prevents dust from accumulating.

The bathroom rug tends to accumulate dirt easily. Fortunately, fabric softener can come to your rescue if you put it in a bathtub filled with water and fabric softener. Let the product act for 30 minutesRinse and flatten the carpet.

There are other tricks to get rid of unpleasant odors in the bathroom

If using a fabric softener helps freshen your bathroom, there it is Other smart moves To have a room that smells good and clean surfaces.

1- essential oil: To scent your bathroom, pour a few drops of the essential oil of your choice onto a cotton pad that you will place in the corner of your bathroom. You can also pour this scented product onto a roll of toilet paper.

2- White vinegar: White vinegar is ideal for its deodorizing properties Fight bad odors are in the bathroom. To use it, mix this acidic solution with boiling water and pour it down the toilet or sink.

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