Why is it recommended to put a tea bag in the sink before going to bed? Genius trick for crafty housewives

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Know that simple tea bags can be useful in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Find out how and how to use it in the sewer to benefit from it.

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Used tea bag – Source: spm

Why do you have to put tea bags in the septic tank before bed?

It may be a mistake to throw used tea bags in the trash right after you use them. the reason ? These are excellent air fresheners Which it would be a pity not to use for this purpose. They can be used to absorb bad odors in the kitchen or in the bathroom and even those in the drains. This is the last case that we will see closely.

Food scraps, bacteria and germs all accumulate in our drains. What’s more, pipes that lack regular maintenance accumulate grease, soap scum, and limescale They are all causes of bad smells.

Steel sink drain

Stainless steel sink drain – Source: spm

To use tea bags for this purpose, they must first be dried in the sun to dry them. Next, place two or three down the sink drain before wetting them under a stream from the faucet. Then close it Let these odor absorbers sit overnight. In the morning, you may discover that this simple process has successfully eliminated unpleasant odors from your pipes.

The best part is that you incorporate this trick into your daily habits. So feel free to drop by Tea bags on the drain of the kitchen sink or bathroom sink every night before going to bed. It should also be noted that the same principle applies to the refrigerator. Putting tea bags on it effectively removes unpleasant odors. An environmentally friendly gesture that allows these bags to be recycled wisely.

Discover other unexpected uses for used tea bags

You might be surprised to find that not only do used tea bags deodorize your sinks. They have multiple functions which prove once again that it is wiser to keep them than to throw them in the trash:

  • Shine mugs with used tea bags

With a wet tea bag, it is possible to make the glass shine and remove stubborn fingerprints or grease stains. And for good reason, surfaces like mirrors, windows, or even glass can benefit from its cleaning properties. To do this, simply rub the bag over the problem areas and then use a paper towel to wipe down the surfaces and restore its luster.

It should also be noted that tea bags can also make it easier to clean kitchen utensils down the sink.

  • Deodorize your shoes with tea bags

Tea bags can be very useful for scenting your smelly shoes. Dry the tea bags and then insert them into your shoes. Leave it on overnight.

  • Use used tea bags to revive plants

If you have plants like ferns and roses, you can stimulate their growth with the tannins in your tea. Tea turns out To be an excellent organic fertilizer. The trick here is to simply bury the used tea bags in the dirt. With watering, you will also retain water and thus keep the soil moist for a longer period.

By keeping used tea bags, you can put them to good use and facilitate many daily tasks.

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