Rearview mirror: Few people noticed this new feature, reverse the car and see what happens

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The rearview mirror is an indispensable tool in the car, which has the function of increasing the level of safety for motorcycles, buses, cars and any other vehicle, of any size, traveling on the road. It allows you to increase side and rear visibility and makes traveling much faster and easier. But there is a function of the rearview mirror that you definitely don’t know. Find out which.

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Car rear view mirror – Source: spm

Car mirrors, history and origins

Mirrors were designed and studied in 1911, and the first person to install them on his car was pilot Ray Harron, who won a single mirror at the 500-mile Indianapolis (American automobile competition). Before that, it was a completely unknown addon.

The mirror was placed on the hood of the car and then adopted on all cars as an option before becoming mandatory on all cars. In France, it was made compulsory by decree of July 1, 1972. The car’s rear-view mirror consists of a mirror and a support that supports the small window as well as the arm.

In newer and more or less modern cars, there is also a reversing camera with a display. The center rearview mirror shows the reflected image of everything behind the car, even that caught by the camera which is especially important in the evening when the lighting is low.

to retreat

Undo – Source: spm

What is this unknown mirror function?

There is a trick that few people know about, which is useful in certain specific situations, and which has been made possible by the many advances in technology. This novelty was adopted by the Volvo, Volkswagen, Citroen and Audi car brands, for example.

In these cars, it is enough to engage the reverse gear, as the passenger side mirror tilts and gives the driver a better view of the road. This function is essential because it allows you to pay attention to the road surface, for example to avoid chipping alloy rims or hitting any roadside obstacle, which is neither too high nor too visible.

In Audi cars, the rear-view mirror is delivered in body color, to use it, it is enough to leave the selector on the right. To adjust the speed, you must set the speed on the pedal, and then engage the reverse gear. Thus, the accessory is set according to your preferences.

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