Laptop Constantly Plugged In: Is It Damaging The Battery?

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Does leaving the computer connected to the mains harm the battery?

Plug in the charger

Charger connected – Source: spm

Of course, since a laptop is rather expensive, our main concern is to maintain it and extend battery life. Is it a bad habit to leave it connected to the charger? This is the question on everyone’s lips.

First of all, you should know that advances in technology have allowed laptop batteries to be more and more durable. It is indeed very reassuring. In addition, according to specialists: It is very common and completely safe to leave a laptop computer plugged in for long periods of time“.

To reassure you even more, know that most laptops currently have built-in batteries which, when they reach 100%, stop receiving additional charges. So it is impossible for them to overheat the device or cause any damage to the equipment that could compromise its performance.

Avoid keeping your battery constantly charged at 100%.

However, based on some studies, Battery University, a website that specializes in batteries, recommends that users alternate between 40% and 80% charge to extend your device’s battery life and make charging cycles more efficient. Note that it risks deteriorating more quickly when it is continuously maintained at 100%. Especially when using older computer models and the temperature is very high. ” Keeping the battery at 100% all the time will reduce its range slightly. Because that’s when the tension is highestsays one expert.

If you do not use your laptop frequently, it would be best to empty it at least once a month, in order to allow the battery to rest so that it can recharge again optimally. Because if this is not noticeable in the short term, after a year, you will find that his autonomy will be reduced. Therefore, this periodic separation is highly recommended to prevent its premature deterioration and to improve its performance.

Good to know Note: Keep in mind that high temperatures (over 30°C) shorten battery life. It should be noted that the increase in temperature depends not only on the environment. Activities such as video games or video editing also lead to a significant increase in heat.

What is the imaginary consumption of electrical energy?

Charge the laptop

Charging your laptop – Source: spm

Of course, keeping your laptop always connected to a power source doesn’t damage your hardware, but this measure is far from trivial. In fact, it inevitably causes the so-called “phantom consumption” of electrical energy.

According to official information from the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, the laptop is on and continuous charging consumes 44 watts. In standby mode, the figure is estimated at 15 volts. It draws 8.9 volts but is still plugged in. Namely, the only charger connected goes up to 4.42 volts. In other words, if you want to save money on your electric bill, it might be a good idea to unplug them when not in use!

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