How do I know if the batteries are still charged?

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From kitchen scales to video game controllers, clocks and remote controls, alkaline and salt batteries have invaded our homes. Our boxes and the bottoms of our drawers are full of batteries that we don’t know if they’re still good. Stop! Here are some tips to make it profitable and save energy.

How to check if the battery is dead

The music book that no longer wants to sing, the electric garland that no longer wants to light up, the remote-controlled car that no longer wants to go forward and presto, we replace the batteries and get rid of the old ones. However, studies show that half of the batteries that have been thrown away still have a charge. Here’s how to test your batteries without any devices in seconds to see if they still have power.

  1. Take your stack in your hand, holding it vertically
  2. Place it upright on a hard surface such as a table.
  3. Lift it 1 or 2 cm and drop it vertically.
  4. If your stack falls upright, it still contains some charge, and if it falls flat, it is empty.

Why would you tell us? Simply because a charged alkaline battery contains manganese dioxide which is a heavy, pasty substance that will weigh down the battery one way or another. When used, this dioxide converts to a much lighter manganese oxide.
Then, if you want to test your batteries in a more accurate and scientific way, you can always equip yourself with a multimeter. It measures the voltage of all types of batteries and allows you to sort which batteries are used and which are still usable.

A third of discarded batteries still contain 40% of the energy

A third of discarded batteries still contain 40% of the energy. Source: spm

5 tips to make your batteries last longer

We often prefer disposable batteries over rechargeable batteries because they are less expensive to purchase, can be used immediately, and self-discharge less quickly. The French family has an average of 100 batteries. However, a study by ADEME showed that it has a 30 times greater impact on the environment. So if we can’t do without it, let’s at least try to save it for the good of the planet and our wallet.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your batteries last longer:

1-Keep the batteries well: To maintain the quality of your batteries, it is essential to store them in a dry place at a moderate temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. So they work longer.

2- Determine the time of use : Try not to use the battery without interruption for too long at the risk of it draining more quickly.

3- Remove the batteries from the devices : When the device is not working, be sure to turn it off completely or even remove the batteries, because sometimes there is little power consumption even when it is not in use. In addition, batteries that are left in the device for too long can leak and sometimes leak.

4- Change all batteries at once : In a device that requires several batteries to operate, it is best to change the entire string at the same time. It’s a matter of balance. Thus all batteries will be used evenly and will last longer.

5- Reuse empty batteries : not because the battery does not work in the game is no longer usable. In fact, there are devices that consume more energy than others. Instead of throwing them away, reuse them in remote controls and wall clocks for example, because they use much less energy.

Use batteries to run a game

Use batteries to run a game. Source: spm

warning Never crush, puncture, or damage the battery. Do not throw it into fire at risk of explosion. Used batteries should not be disposed of as they contain toxic substances. It must be deposited at designated collection points, and then it can be processed and recycled.

All you have to do is adopt these simple measures to improve the life of your batteries and why not consider investing in rechargeable batteries which are ultimately more economical and environmental.

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