Do we really have the right to report speed cameras on Waze?

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Is reporting of speed cameras on certain apps regulatory? Here are some answers.

Do motorists have the right to report speed cameras in driving assistance apps?

radar on the road

radar on the road. Source: spm

Published in the Official Gazette Decree No. 2021-468 of April 19, 2021 prohibits GPS and driving assistance applications from reporting speed checks from 1Verse November 2021. Consequently, any message intended to indicate the geographical presence of the police in the various applications was blocked. Once it was published, the leaders of some apps such as “The Wolf” did not hesitate to challenge this ban, arguing that it was an obstacle to freedom of expression.. Therefore, they decided to seek the help of the Constitutional Council to nullify this law.

The latter finally decided in favor of the French request, i.e. “Coyote”. The council ruled that the law was “partially inconsistent” with the constitution. On the other hand, He considered that following the importance of this type of service, and the ability to freely access this type of information, is part of the right to freedom of movement and communication.. In addition, the council said that this type of prohibition applies to searches conducted by the police, in the context of searching for fugitive individuals or even dangerous suspects.

Yes, motorists are entitled to report speed camera checks

Use the driver assistance app

Use the driver assistance app. Source: spm

Therefore the discussion is no longer relevant, given thatIt is not illegal to report the presence of speed cameras on GPS and driving assistance applications. Of course, it must be remembered that this report cannot be made while driving. In fact, remember that it is forbidden to use your mobile phone while driving. This offense is punishable by a fine of 135 euros and the withdrawal of three points on the driver’s license. On the other hand, Sharing this information can have a positive impact on traffic. Indeed, motorists will be able to adapt their speed and be tempted to drive more carefully.

However, although we are free to point out the presence or absence of speed cameras in some applications, we must remember that the latter were not created to transmit precisely this type of information and that they should in no way be used solely for Track the actions of the police.

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