What you need to do to increase the charging speed of your phone: Two simple rules

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With daytime use of the phone, the battery tends to run out quickly. A discharged smartphone that takes a long time to recharge is a nightmare for many users. Here are two simple rules to counteract the problem and speed up your charging time.

The mobile phone is one of the most popular technological devices in the world. The latter is used throughout the day to call, send messages, check emails or browse social networks. Because of this, it wears out quickly and may need additional time to replenish its energy. Discover two tips to recharge it twice as fast.

In order to ensure optimal charging time, some feedback has to be adopted on a daily basis. They are easy to apply and will help you get the most out of your smartphone.

  • Do not use your phone while charging

Use the phone while charging

Use the phone while charging. Source: spm

The first thing to do to speed up the charging process is to stop using the phone while it is plugged in. Although it seems harmless to you, this gesture can be harmful to the battery components. They are already tested when used while charging the phone. Also, if you use your device to open your Facebook account or play a game, it will consume more power and naturally need extra charging time.

  • Remove the case from your phone

phone case

phone case. Source: spm

The other way to increase battery life is to remove the case from the phone before charging it. This accessory, which is useful for giving style to your device and protecting it from external shocks, can also damage it.. By throttling heat, this protection can cause the phone to heat up and cause the battery to overheat.

Other tricks to charge your phone quickly

As you understand, in order for the phone to charge faster, it is important not to use it while charging and to ensure that there is no risk of overheating. Other cheats are equally effective and greatly improve your download speed. Here are some examples.

  • Switch the phone to airplane mode

Airplane mode is on

airplane mode. Source: spm

The other way to charge your phone faster is to switch to airplane mode. With this method, you will not receive calls or texts and will no longer be able to use your internet connection to perform searches. It will reduce battery stress and give it a little boost to run faster. To achieve this, just pull down the notification bar and tap the airplane-shaped icon to activate it. And if you can live without your phone while it’s charging, just turn it off.

  • Plug the phone into a wall outlet

To reduce waiting time while charging the phone, it is advised to plug it directly into a wall outlet. Uploading will be faster compared to connecting to a PC for example. It is also recommended to use the charger that came with the phone or consider the amperage indicated in the latter when using an alternative charger.

external battery

external battery. Source: spm

You should also know that there is another solution to extend the autonomy of your phone. This consists of keeping a charged external battery on hand before leaving your home. This trick will save you from running out of battery and allow you to charge your phone all day long. but, It is advisable to choose a battery with a capacity of more than 10,000 mAh to take advantage of multiple recharges.

There are several ways to charge your phone faster and improve battery performance. Sometimes all you need to do is adopt these simple gestures to make it happen!

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