3 signs you need to change your shock absorbers quickly: You could be damaging your car

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It is essential that you take care of your car’s maintenance, especially some parts that show signs of wear, shock absorbers among them.

What are the three signs that the shock absorbers need to be changed?

You may not know it, but shock absorbers perform several roles: contributing to driver and passenger comfort and ensuring their safety while enhancing the vehicle’s grip on the road. That is why they are constantly in demand. Thus, The average life of shock absorbers is 80,000 km and mainly depends on wear, driving environment as well as driving type adopted by the driver.

This is why, once you have purchased a car, especially a used car, it is important to check the condition of your shock absorbers so that your driving comfort is not affected or reduced. Additionally, here are three signs that should alert you to a defective shock absorber that needs to be replaced.

Driving sensations are no longer the same

The steering wheel vibrates abnormally when stationary, especially during trips. Side winds tend to be felt, You have to work harder to maintain optimal driving. These signs indicate that your vehicle is not stable and the shock absorbers may be the cause.

There is an oil leak

When it is stationary, you notice small oil spots on the wheels. In which case you should Urgently check the shock absorbers of your car, by going to your garage. Often the verdict is the same, the shock absorber loses oil and so its replacement becomes necessary.

Tire wear is increasing

So you find it Grip on your vehicle is no longer guaranteed and shocks are no longer properly absorbed. When trying to determine the true cause of tire wear, it may be due to a faulty shock absorber.

Shock absorber check

Shock absorber check – Source: spm

Should shock absorbers be changed in pairs?

Located on the same axis, the shock absorbers work in pairs. Changing the shock absorber will automatically unbalance the vehicle. since then, Changing the shock absorbers in pairs will ensure the balance of the vehicle and thus limit the wear of other mechanical parts.

In addition to and after replacing the shock absorbers, it is necessary to carry out new balancing of the car. A rather complicated process that a professional operator of an auto center cannot do And owning specific tools and machines.

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