These three zodiac signs are going to have a great weekend: the good news is coming

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With Uranus retrograde in Taurus until January 22nd, these are three zodiac signs for whom the last weekend of November will be favorable. During this Sagittarius season, it will be an opportunity for them to reconnect with themselves and find a certain harmony.

The weekend of November 26-27 will be favorable for rest and peace of mind for these three zodiac signs in particular. Uranus retrograde can also play in their favor, They will probably be able to welcome the good news.

What 3 zodiac signs would make the most of this last weekend in November?


weekend balance

Libra – Source: spm

Libras will be able to find enough space in their mind to tune in Well deserved rest. After a difficult week, they will be able to recharge their batteries and find the balance so dear to them.

And their loved ones are about to tell them some good news that can be translated The long-awaited family reunion or reunion with friends. In addition, they will be able to pamper themselves by making a long-awaited purchase.

Love will also smile at the native Libra who will be able to make the decision to move on with their partner. The newlyweds will receive great news That will positively affect their relationship.

Retrograde Uranus will also give Libra representatives the opportunity to review the way they handle events in their lives. By improving their way of thinking, they will set the record straight He will have a clearer mind. This will not fail to positively affect their balance thanks to which they will be able to start the week well. Thus they will be able to move forward without falling prey to the torments inherent in their strong desire for justice. However, they will have to do some acceptance work to sustain their state of mind this weekend.

Libra is also part of the three zodiac signs whose fate may be shaken in the coming days or months.

the bow

Bow weekend

Sagittarius – Source: spm

Representatives of this zodiac sign, too About to be pampered by fate. There is indeed a nice surprise being prepared for Sagittarians, for whom the weekend can also be an opportunity to make a fresh start.

A surprise can take the form of a promising meeting or a good dose of luck in his business. Everything seemed to line up to make the weekend unforgettable. After all, we’re in the middle of the month of Sagittarius. We’ll also add that romance can knock on their door Thanks to a visit from Jupiter in their solar fifth house which is the house of love and happiness.

The planet Uranus will be more suitable for Sagittarius It will provide them with the best surprises in terms of creations and innovations. Also, unexpected events will spark their talent for improvisation and may reap the fruits of their efforts.

This zodiac sign is also likely to be adventurous He realizes the dream he had cherished for a very long time. This can take the form of their first home or a unique experience they’ve always wanted to try.


Gemini weekend

Gemini – Source: spm

Gemini people will spend two days of complete relaxation. They will feel calmer than ever and in tune with their emotions. This state of mind will be especially helpful on their sleepy nights. But also for their social and family life.

This lightness of being can also allow them To enjoy simple moments in pleasant company. This would be the perfect weekend getaway to treat yourself to a beauty salon, a good massage, or even a couple of days out on the town.

There is no difficulty in reporting, apart from the fact that they do not want these moments to end. But because they will feel energized, The beginning of next week will pass without any problems.

More than that, their professional, artistic and material achievement will provide them with the long-awaited peace of mind. They will feel ready for all kinds of hobbies with family and friends and will have the opportunity to meet people who will help them fulfill their calling.

Uranus retrograde will also guide them to create more harmony for themselves. And with good reason, representatives of this sign will give themselves the means to make it happen, particularly by letting their beliefs dictate the reality they face. Living their lives on their own terms allows them to embrace balance Which allows them to enjoy the present moment. This is also the perfect state of mind to enjoy an unforgettable weekend that is stimulating for body and mind.

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