House for sale ? These little tips from Stephane Plazza add up to €10,000 in value

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A few details in the house make all the difference. Thanks to these tips, you can increase the price of your property by up to €10,000 more.

What improvements will increase the value of your home?

If they make the home more pleasant, certain arrangements may also affect the sale price, such as the choice of living room color, kitchen style, and interior decoration. These details play an important role when it comes to determining the sale price of a property. So every detail matters. So always think about improving your home’s attractiveness, even if every potential buyer has a different style than yours, the most important thing is the first impression your home gives.. Having a well-tended garden, a well-organized kitchen, and a well-equipped bathroom will undoubtedly increase the value of your property. This is why owners are advised to properly maintain and take care of their homes before putting them up for sale. Additionally, carrying out some arrangements can be invaluable to your home, in order to increase the number of potential buyers.

To help you achieve a better appreciation, here are some tips from Stephane Plazza that you should consider before putting your home up for sale.

Perfectly appointed sitting room

Fully equipped living room – Source: spm

1- American cuisine increases the value of your home

Also called kitchen island, American kitchen brings a modern touch to your home. This also increases the value of your property. Feel free to improve this room in your home by investing in extra seating and pots, in more storage space While expanding the workspace if possible.

American cuisine

American cuisine – Source: spm

2- Color is the main thing in the house

To sell your home at an attractive price, it is important to take its color into consideration. It should be cohesive and neutral to satisfy all tastes. Also, remember to make sure that the shades chosen complement each other. This way, you can easily update the look of the property and avoid having a future buyer repaint when they move in. Among the colors that will give the impression of more space are sage green, cream, and pale pink.

3- Elegant curtains will improve the appearance of the house

If you want your property to have more value, you must not neglect the shutters of your home. Taking care of them or adding them will greatly improve the look of your home. They also offer privacy, protection and additional assets that will resonate with any potential buyer..

Selling a home is no small feat. Feel free to take these tips into consideration to get the best possible rate.

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