5 problems that increase heat loss in the home and cost you money: what you should watch out for

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Did you know that there are trivial problems that can affect the thermal comfort of your home and cost you dearly at the same time? Explanation.

What are the problems of heat loss from your home?

When it’s cold, heat loss affects your energy bill. To save money on this, it is important to identify the issues behind it.

1- Poor wall insulation leads to heat loss

Poorly insulated walls lead to irreversible heat loss inside the home. If this is the case, it is recommended that you seek the services of a professional who can help you insulate these surfaces.

warm home

warm home. Source: spm

2- Improper use of the boiler results in less heat

It is important to check the condition of the boiler periodically because it is one of the most important heating devices in the winter. For good reason, a boiler malfunction affects your electricity bill. To remedy this, it is recommended to set the heating to the appropriate temperature.

3- A poorly insulated floor can affect the thermal comfort of your home

You don’t know it, but a poorly insulated floor can also lead to high heat loss. Invest in a good hardwood floor Or tiling is the right thing to do to stay warm all winter long.

4- A weak thermostat can make your home less warm

The location of the thermostat in your home is crucial. It is important to place this device in the right place. The reason is that it is best placed in a central room in the house such as the living room.

5-Poor window insulation affects the heat of your home

To avoid heat loss, it is recommended that you have a well insulated floor. it’s also case for your windows Which may have cracks to allow air to pass through. To remedy this, you can line them up with mastic or invest in thicker curtains.

How do you improve thermal comfort in your home?

To take advantage of satisfying thermal comfort, without affecting your energy bill, there are smart measures you can take during the winter.

Fix cracks in your home

These are responsible for the air currents you feel inside your home. Feel free to fill it with thick material, So you don’t feel that cold feeling in your home.

Choose several layers of clothing to stay warm at home

To stay warm while avoiding energy expenditure, consider wearing several layers of warm clothing. You can also cover yourself even while sitting.

One thing is for sure, you don’t need to increase the temperature of your radiator to stay warm inside your home. By solving the above problems, you will enjoy optimal thermal comfort.

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