Why should coffee grounds be poured over orchids? 3 benefits you didn’t know about

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After brewing a good cup of coffee, don’t throw away the coffee grounds as they are very beneficial for plants. You can use it to make a liquid fertilizer that you use to water and fertilize orchids.

Why water orchids with a solution of ground coffee?

fruit garden

fruit garden. Source: spm

Fertilizing plants is important. This feeds them And provide them with the essential elements for their good growth. Plants should only be fertilized during their growth period. In winter, it is recommended To stop all fertilizer inputs, And for good reason, plants go into dormancy and fertilizing them during this period is risky promote weak and weak growth, It makes plants vulnerable to disease and pest attacks.

If you grow beautiful orchids indoors, Remember to fertilize them with coffee grounds. The latter is a fertilizer very much appreciated by indoor plants. In fact it provides them with nitrogen and phosphorous, to accommodate plants for the long term, In addition to potassium and magnesium, which are quickly absorbed by plants. These inputs promote plant growth and make it more disease resistant. However, be careful not to use excess coffee, so as not to damage the flowers of the plants.

Coffee grounds for plants

Coffee grounds for plants. Source: spm

However, coffee grounds are very beneficial for orchids, Because it contains the nutrients that this flowering plant needs. Indeed, phosphorus enhances the photosynthesis of orchids, and nitrogen stimulates the regeneration of their cells And it allows to get abundant flowering. As for potassium, it promotes the good growth of this plant.

How to prepare fertilizer for orchids based on coffee grounds?

To fertilize orchids, you can Prepare liquid fertilizer from ground coffee. To do this, simply mix the coffee grounds that you collect from your coffee maker, in a bowl, with two liters of water. flip over And let the mixture rest between 24 and 48 hours, in a cool place. Then strain the solution and use it to water the orchids.

Note that it is advisable to fertilize these plants every 21 days, in spring, when the buds appear. In summer, orchids need fertilizer every 7 days. However, it is important not to fertilize orchids in winter, Because it is their vegetative resting period.

In addition to watering your flowering plants with this liquid fertilizer, you can create a rich potting soil for orchids by mixing ½ cup of coffee grounds with some garden soil.

What are some mistakes to avoid when using coffee grounds to fertilize orchids?

Before using coffee grounds for orchids, note that it is not recommended to place them at the feet of the plants who have been attacked by aphids or mealybugs. This can make the injury worse.

It is also not recommended to use ground coffee To fertilize young orchids. This can slow their growth. If you choose to spread coffee grounds around your orchids, remember to dry them first, before adding it to the substrate. If you use it wet, you can promote mold growth. Note that coffee grounds can be saved for later use to fertilize orchids. Just try to keep it in a cool place.

You don’t need to have a green thumb to promote your orchid. With this trick, you will provide your plant with all the nutrients necessary for its growth.

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