Put some shaving foam on the windshield of the car. Many drivers do this for a crucial reason

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Keeping your car’s windshield clean is essential to getting a good view of the road while driving. The same goes for the side windows and mirrors. Maneuvering the vehicle in such conditions may be dangerous to the safety of the occupants. In addition to the anti-fog treatments on the market, other simple and accessible products can be used every day to get rid of the haze or make it less intense and persistent.

How does fog develop on car windows?

Fog on the side window of the car

Fog on the side window of the car – Source: spm

Windshield fogging is one of the main drawbacks that motorists face in winter. Condensation occurs when temperatures and humidity levels differ inside and outside the vehicle cabin. Thus, it is enough for hot moisture particles to come into contact with a cold windshield, and for water droplets to accumulate on the windshield in the form of spray. This increase in moisture in the air can also be caused by occupants breathing, moist objects in the vehicle, or leaks in the rubber seals of the doors, windshield, tailgate, or tailgate. So it is important to eliminate it in order to get on the road safely.

How to prevent the formation of fog on the windows of the car?

There is a simple but unusual trick to prevent fogging of car windows. Of course, this must be accompanied by a pre-cleaning of the windshield, side windows and sunroof.

  • Shaving foam is an effective anti-fog solution

Shaving foam 7

Shaving foam – Source: spm

Shaving foam is one unexpected remedy for fogging windshields and windows. The method is simple: Using a microfiber cloth, spread a handful of foam to evenly cover the entire glass surface. Leave it on for ten minutes and then, using another clean, dry cloth, wipe the glass to remove the product. A semi-transparent protective film will remain on the surface for up to a month to prevent moisture from accumulating on windshields and other vehicle windows.

Other tricks to get rid of fog on the windshield of the car

The most effective way to remove fog is to use a car defogger. Other simple methods can be just as effective at expelling moisture inside the cabin. Here are some examples.

  • Activate the car’s windshield wipers


Spaces – Source: spm

If you notice fogging on the windshield, it is possible to remove it simply by activating the car’s windshield wipers. Wait a few minutes for the action to clean and defog the outside windows. This is indeed one of the most convenient and fastest options to achieve this.

  • Open the car windows

Another simple way to prevent windshield fogging is to open your car windows. Indeed, this simple gesture makes it possible to freshen the air inside the car and reduce temperature differences between the environment outside and inside the car.

  • Use silica gel sachets to defog the car

Silica gel bag

Silica gel bag – Source: spm

Finally, an economical trick to getting rid of windshield fogging is to place sachets of silica gel on your dashboard. In fact, this product is effective in absorbing moisture and thus fogging the windshield. It is possible to use a cup or a small plastic cup to put the product in it. However, silica sachets should be kept out of the reach of young children. To reduce risk, place product in closed canvas bags.

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