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How to make a washing machine with only a bucket and a bottle? The little known trick to cleaning laundry

Today, we suggest you make your own washing machine, using some items you have around the house.

How to make a homemade washing machine?

You no longer risk damaging your hands with detergent or any other cleaning product used, just as you will no longer need to run a wash cycle to clean mops and towels. From now on, you will achieve savings on electricity and water. So, if your washing machine just broke down or you have skin problems because of the products used, here you go A cheap, easy, fast and economical solution to remedy this. In fact, you will only have to make your own washing machine out of a bucket.

Cleaning the ground. Source: spm

To achieve this, you will need:

After that, you will just have to follow these steps:

Remove the cap from the bottle. Slide the broom handle into the neck, adjusting it so that it is securely attached with tape.

A bucket of water and cleaning products. Source: spm

From then on, all you have to do is wash it like this:

How to make a washer with a hop and a bottle

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