How do you store vegetable oil? One bottle is now enough for 3 months instead of 1

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At home, if you tend to use up a higher than usual amount of this food, know that you can save on your packaging and that there is an easy way to do so.

How do you avoid wasting vegetable oil?

Given our diminished purchasing power due to inflation, almost everyone is quick to tip money-saving tips. That’s why we thought we’d share a hack for saving bottles of vegetable oil.

Pour cooking oil into a frying pan

Pour cooking oil into a frying pan – Source: spm

  • The trick is to control the amount of oil consumed

Sometimes, you just need a little oil to dress up your salad or to cook with. In order to be able to control the amount you use, there is a simple trick that will allow you to avoid waste. We explain how to do this:

When you open the cap of an oil bottle, you will find a plastic tab that I used to pull and throw in the trash. For this trick, you have to leave it where it is.

Then make a small hole in it using awl or knife;. To do this, you only need to apply a little pressure, otherwise you can preheat your tool to make this hole.

If the plastic ring bothers you, you can cut it off with scissors (be careful when trying to pull it off, do it gently so you don’t open the bottle).

Thus, the oil is poured in a thin stream. You will be able to control the bottle without problems, avoid any accident or spillage and save on the amounts of oil you use.

Vegetable oil bottle cap

Vegetable oil bottle cap – Source: spm

Another tip to avoid waste is to pour a drizzle of oil into a frying pan or saucepan and Brush with a silicone kitchen brush. In fact, this technology allows the oil to be distributed over the entire surface of the pot and to save the amount used in cooking.

Spread the oil over the skillet with a cooking brush

Spread the oil on the pan with a kitchen brush – Source: spm

Cooking with oil: precautions to be taken

Note, however, that using the right vegetable oil is most important because smoke point Misfit. In fact, it is a precise temperature beyond which oil decomposes and begins to burn. In fact, not all oils withstand the same heat. On the other hand, Walnut and rapeseed oil don’t cook

Remember, however, that steaming is the best cooking method to protect your health and preserve minerals and trace elements in food.

Choose the right oil for cooking

Choosing the right oil for cooking – Source: spm

Now that you know how to improve your bottle of vegetable oil, feel free to apply the same trick with any other liquid. By doing the calculations, you will know that this will allow you to avoid waste and make significant savings.

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