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Which exercise burns more calories? Let’s find out

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Regular exercise is the best calorie burner. Whether you like an early morning walk or a vigorous workout, exercise plays a role in weight management and weight loss. But have you ever wondered which aerobic exercise burns the most calories?

Some say that intense workouts that use different muscle groups will end up burning more calories. However, the type of exercise, intensity, duration, age, height, and weight all play a role.

Here’s what you need to know about the exercises with the highest calorie burn.

Factors affecting calorie burning


Your age greatly affects the number of calories you burn. For example, if you’re 40 and less lean, you’ll find it more difficult to finish a high-intensity workout than an 18-year-old.

In addition, research shows that the likelihood of initiating at least weekly physical activity declines with age.


The speed of transition between sets affects your heart rate, which affects the number of calories your body burns. The higher the intensity of the exercise, the more calories you will burn.

However, your physical fitness mainly limits the number of calories you can burn. For example, the people who can burn the most calories per minute are elite athletes, not the average adult.

The duration and speed of the exercise

The number of calories you burn may also depend on the duration and speed. For example, running will burn more calories than walking the same course. Walking longer distances will also lead to a more serious calorie burn.

Exercises to burn calories effectively


If you are looking to lose weight, running is a great option. You can burn between 566-839 calories per hour, and this is a high-impact exercise that also works the muscles in your legs.

In addition, when you run, you are constantly lifting your body weight off the ground, which causes your entire body to be exercised. If you’re new to running, consider starting with intervals of running that alternate with jogging or gentle walking.

You can also try a 1:2 work-to-rest ratio. If you’re looking for a long-term goal, consider setting a half marathon or full marathon as your goal.

Indoor cycling

Indoor cycling can help you burn around 568-841 calories per hour. Plus, it’s a no-impact cardio exercise that can help strengthen your knees and hamstrings. Indoor cycling is also an effective exercise for reducing body fat.

jumping rope

jumping rope An excellent way to burn calories in a short period of time by engaging the whole body in muscle movement. In addition, it promotes bone density, which protects against osteoporosis and bone loss.

It is best to start skipping slowly, in bursts of 20-30 seconds. Then, once you’ve mastered wrist flips and timing, you can increase your speed and height to burn more calories.


You can burn between 452 and 670 calories per hour by climbing stairs at a rate of 77 steps per minute. Stairs are a great way to exercise your legs and hips and can help you lose weight.


If you can’t jump or have knee pain when jumping, kickboxing is a good option because it doesn’t strain your legs as much. According to studies, kickboxing also increases upper body fitness.

Learn basic boxing techniques (such as jabs, crosses, uppercuts, and uppercuts) to get started. Be prepared to incorporate squats, lunges and lunges. Master the arm and hand work before moving on to the shoe. Shortened rest periods between sessions.

High intensity interval training

HIIT is a very effective training style. It exhausts your body quickly and can burn up to 450 calories in just 30 minutes. Your workout routine should be varied to target all muscle groups and prevent overtraining injuries.

HIIT can also be beneficial for runners because it strengthens muscles and allows you to engage more muscle groups. It also addresses all levels of movement.

HIIT is also good for increasing your stamina and general fitness. You can improve your fitness level by increasing your heart rate with intense bursts of activity followed by short rest periods.

body weight workout

Exercises that use your own body weight are like lifting weights without the weight gain! In just 30 minutes, you can burn 500 calories by doing things like squats, lunges, jumps, and jumps.

HealthifyMe note

Some tips to help you burn more calories are to mix up your exercises and stick to your schedule. Activities that get your whole body pumping, like running and weight-bearing, usually burn the most calories. You can also try indoor cycling, kickboxing and jumping rope.


The most effective calorie-burning exercise for someone looking to lose weight depends on several factors, such as diet, gender, age, and activity levels outside the gym.

First, it is important to find the right exercise for yourself, and then you can calculate how much exercise is needed to create a calorie deficit.

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