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What items from your hotel room can you take with you?

Soap, toothbrush, shower cap, there are many items in hotel rooms that we can take. However, some of them may lead to lawsuits.

Why do so many things disappear from hotel rooms?

Whatever the thing is in the hotel rooms, in most cases it’s gone. the reason ? Keep a memento of your stay. This is especially the case in starred hotels, which offer products of well-known brands. According to a Harris poll, no less than 26% of the French He confessed They took at least one item from their luggage when leaving the hotel. Thus, some hotel establishments lose more than 10% of their linen stock annually.

hotel room. Source: spm

What are the most hidden items in a hotel?

The most desirable thing in a hotel establishment is…the towel. This is followed by toiletries, pencils, cutlery, crockery, cosmetics, artwork, paintings, remote controls, linens, pillows, cups and glasses. other objects like Hotel guests can take home hair dryers, irons, coffee makers, artwork, and lamps risk-free. On the other hand, there are things to take with you such as razors, shower caps, matches or pens with the hotel logo.

hotel towels. Source: spm

What items can you take with you from the hotel?

If taking certain items such as artwork or a hair dryer could expose you to lawsuits, some can them with you all. This is the case for soaps, shampoos, and even shower gels.. You can also take pens and notebooks on display that are intended to advertise the hotel establishment.

What items should not be taken when leaving the hotel?

Notebooks, pencils and pens can be taken away by hotel guests without consequences. However, it is strictly forbidden to take towels and bed linen with you. On the other hand, Linen setsPillows, duvets, lampshades belong exclusively to the hotel. Their theft damages the hotel facility, which will have to be replaced, which will generate additional expenses. A bathrobe is also often used, which often contains the logo and name of the hotel.
How do I grab an item before leaving the hotel?

If you want to take a specific prohibited item, you can offer to have the hotel give it to you or sell it to you. This is particularly the case for coat hangers, tea and coffee cups, cutlery and hair dryers. but, Their theft can subject you to lawsuits from the organization while you find yourself barred from the latter.

While some items are meant to be taken, others should definitely stay in the hotel. If you would like one, you can always offer to purchase it from the staff on site.

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