Tonight’s new moon brings good luck to these zodiac signs. They will finally achieve their dreams

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This new moon will be a great start for 12 zodiac natives, but it will benefit some more than others. If you are among the favourites, you will feel the urgency to do what it takes to achieve your deepest goals and desires.

What are the luckiest zodiac signs during the new moon in Sagittarius?

The new moon marks the beginning of a new season An excellent opportunity to put innovative ideas into practice, to start new relationships and see things from a new perspective. being under this A sign of optimism, enthusiasm and vitality, This moon will be a good opportunity to aim properly in order to make your dreams come true. Just make sure that you don’t rush things by making rash decisions. Remember to weigh the consequences of your choices before taking any steps forward. These are the three natives the stars will support during New Moon in Sagittarius.


New Moon Lion

Leo tower. Source: spm

after he lived Tough time during Scorpio seasonMake room for optimism and a sense of humor, for you natives of the Fire element. The new moon in Sagittarius will change everything. This is an especially good time for inspiration: you’ll be more creative than ever to complete all the projects you’ve got on hold. Not to mention that on your way, new opportunities will appear. sAbove all, do not miss the opportunity, some of which will allow you to make your wildest dreams come true. Stay in touch! Something unusual: Dear Leo, In these exciting times, you will be called upon to work as a team. Admittedly, you are more used to mentoring others and trusting only in your own abilities, but oddly enough, you will be more motivated by exchanges and collaborations. The latter will also pay off, because you will save time and be able to achieve certain goals much faster. sGet ready to meet someone who will connect with you and help you achieve your goals. Suffice to say, the relief will be there! But be careful, as we often tend to tell you, your great generosity will get you down. During this astral movement, the Great Lord will not calculate expenses and this may affect your finances. A slight drop in morale is on the horizon, unless of course you scatter your tickets everywhere. Either way, the energy of Sagittarius will be with you until the end of this journey. As always, you will always be able to face obstacles and face the toughest challenges. Don’t Forget the Warrior’s Rest: We know you’re a hard worker, but if you feel the slightest need to take a break, do it. It can be more productive than you think! Cake decorations, as well as professional celebrations, romance will not be outdone in the coming months. Single friends, an unexpected encounter looms on the horizon and promises to be auspicious at the end of the year.


Libra New Moon

Libra zodiac sign. Source: spm

Quiet power will rule all native Libra. This New Moon in Sagittarius positively influences your creative thoughts and ideas. You will be full of bright ideas and eager to share them with those around you, whether in the professional or family fields.. And, of course, they will get a very positive response: which is not surprising, because your opinions are always full of accuracy and common sense. With the only difference that you are a reserved and reserved person. Everyone knows the famous neutrality of Libra. Aren’t you famous for being the most peace-loving sign of the zodiac? So it is very rare for you to share your point of view with others. But, oddly enough, you will feel the need and not regret it for a second. Thanks to this, you will feel more confident and confident in yourself. we will give you an attentive ear, OhWe will drink your word, your creativity and your sense of distinction. Little tip: Do it more often! If you are not too shy, you will make a charismatic speaker. In the same direction, this passionately pushes him new MoonFeel free to play the daring card and take part in projects that you previously thought were unattainable. Luck is on your side, it’s time for that! If you feel like Start a new project, invest in a new project, or devote yourself to a new hobbyThis is the perfect time to do that. For those who want to advance their career Or get promoted, so take your courage into your own hands and don’t wait any longer. The same refrain on the part of chilled lovers who still do not dare to declare their flame to their beloved. Additionally, for the spiritual among you, this period is also conducive to meditation and personal development. Any activity that allows you to explore your mind will be good for you: it will help you release some tension and better understand the future.


New Sagittarius

Sagittarius zodiac sign. Source: spm

With this new moon, dear Sagittarius, you will display generosity of spirit and altruism. Next to you, we are sure to be filled with good vibes and optimism. Your relatives and friends will need it. Their support will bring you deep satisfaction and gratitude. In addition to showering you with gifts, the stars will be particularly favorable to you during this period. : From November 23rd to December 20th, you will rule the Zodiac. No matter what festive period awaits you, between your birthday and Christmas festivities, it is important to stress that this mystical New Lunation prepares you for wonderful things. The chances will multiply and the good news will continue one after another. A real stroke of luck for all Sagittarians! This is it A good time to implement your old ideas and take risks in starting new projects. Don’t miss this opportunity and make sure you make the most of what the stars have to offer in the coming weeks. But as much as he warns you, even if doors open easily and that success is certainly at the end of the road, not everything will necessarily be rosy. Some may need to redouble their efforts and attract the whole Their energy to implement some complex projects. Above all, arm yourself with patience and don’t get discouraged at the slightest problem. We know you love a challenge and you’ll be up for it all. You still need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. So trust your lucky stars, think well before rushing and everything should work in your favour. How will the year end? Finally realize a project that will make you smile and maybe even save coffers. But not only … Lovers will probably have the opportunity to take the next step. A wedding on the horizon or a baby on the way? suspense. For individuals, even if they focus on the professional field, it is very likely that Cupid will come to impress them a bit.

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