Phone battery drains faster when it’s cold. Simply turn this feature off to make it last longer

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Low temperature: why does the battery discharge faster?

It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or an Android device, cell phones can’t stand low temperatures. In question, which lithium-ion batteries do they contain. Nowadays, this type of battery is very common, and it is they that power most rechargeable portable devices. Unlike older batteries, these batteries are designed to charge quickly and do not need to be completely discharged before charging.

But the main drawback of these batteries is that they cannot withstand temperature extremes. As much as there is a risk of overheating when it’s too hot, they run idle when it’s too cold.
According to experts, as the temperature drops, cell phones start to require more power to function properly. However, if the temperature is below 0°C, the battery lasts half as long at the average temperature.

How do you make your smartphone battery last?

The phone battery is drained

The phone battery has run out – Source: spm

Fortunately, by taking a few precautions and adopting the right gestures, you will avoid the annoyance of having a flat battery frequently.

Here are the tips to follow:

  • Enable power saving mode

If it’s very cold in your area, it would be a good idea to change the battery settings to help it last longer. So bet on the energy saving option which is very easy to use. It will allow you to extend the charge by limiting the memory capacity of your mobile phone.

  • Beware of apps that consume a lot

Play games on the phone

Playing games on the phone – Source: spm

No matter what device you are using, your battery is bound to drain faster if you are using heavy apps that have a habit of draining them. Including entertainment platforms that include watching videos or playing games online.

  • Update your operating system

On all of your devices, be sure to download and install all operating system updates as soon as they become available. Manufacturers are always trying out new ways to improve power management and fix issues that can also affect battery performance.

  • Limit push notifications

If you can, turn off push services or reduce the frequency of new notifications such as incoming emails, game updates, or any other alert messages you receive all the time. Turning them off for a while will save battery life more easily.

  • Keep your device as warm as possible

When your mobile phone moves in an extremely cold environment, the ions that keep the battery functioning eventually stop. So try as much as possible not to handle it outside in freezing weather. It’s best to keep your device warm, in your coat pocket for example, rather than in your hand or bag. Finally, once you get it home, consider warming it up to room temperature first for a few minutes before plugging it into the charger.

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