How do you make your socks waterproof? A very simple yet effective trick

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Finding wet socks from the rain is an unpleasant feeling. Fortunately, you can fix it with a simple and effective trick.

How to prevent socks from getting wet in rainy weather?

Although it is important to cover up well in winter, socks can get wet quickly in heavy rain. If walking in wet socks is uncomfortable, it can also harm you, as you risk catching a cold. Fortunately, there is A trick to prevent water from entering your socks. You can keep them dry with a simple, effective and inexpensive trick.


stockings. Source: spm

For this, all you need isPut on the first pair of thin socks and cover each one of them. plastic bag. This way, your socks will be weather-sealed. Finally, feel free to put on another pair of socks over the plastic bag.

What socks do you choose for the winter?

It is recommended to wear woolen socks during the winter season. For good reason, this material shields from the cold, keeps you warm, and absorbs sweat for ultimate comfort. On the other hand, it is not recommended to choose cotton socks. the reason ? This material tends to retain moisture and thus increase the feeling of coolness. Cotton socks also tend to be more difficult to dry. In addition, in order to maintain woolen socks, it is recommended that you carefully follow the care instructions given by the manufacturer. It is recommended not to wash it above 30 degrees.

How do you stop losing your socks when washing in the washing machine?

You sure thought your washing machine was making your socks disappear. Fortunately, it is possible to find them after every wash using a few tricks.

One sock was found in the washing machine

One sock was found in the washing machine. Source: spm

1-A clothespin to hold the socks together

In addition to making sorting and storage easier, this technology will prevent you from finding a lonely sock in the drum of your washing machine. All you have to do is hang each pair with a clothespin.

2-Put on your socks to find them quickly

It is a simple method that has proven itself. In order not to lose your socks, he is Recommended by Slide them into each other before putting it in the washing machine.

3-Put your socks in a net

To prevent socks from disappearing in the washing machine, Remember to put it in a delicate laundry net.

To protect your socks from bad weather, you can use this simple, effective and above all economical trick.

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