Does the 4G amplifier emit harmful radiation?

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Mobile network outage, few bars on signal strength icon, internet outage on your smartphone: a cellular booster, or repeater, solves these problems. It receives and enhances the signal coming from your operator’s tower and distributes it over its coverage area.

But if buying a 4G booster is part of your plans, you may have heard skeptics who are skeptical about these devices and believe that their electromagnetic radiation has a negative impact on people’s health. Let’s see if this is really the case.

Electromagnetic radiation: what are the risks?

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to avoid contact Electromagnetic waves. Its properties are used in many areas of human activity: the Internet, radio and mobile communications, television, radio positioning and radio navigation, medicine, metallurgy, wood, textile, lighting industries, etc.

With the development of technology, the issue electromagnetic pollution become relevant. In 1995, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially introduced the term “global electromagnetic pollution” and included it as a priority problem for mankind, because every ten years its level doubles by 10-15.

It is known that the electromagnetic radiation that surrounds modern man affect his health. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified electromagnetic radiation from cell phones as a possible carcinogen. At the same time, a Scientific Council report on electromagnetic fields, published in 2021 in Sweden, confirms the results of previous research and indicates that radio waves from mobile phones are not dangerous. However, this report notes the impact of mobile phones and smart watches on pacemakers and other implantable medical devices, as the devices generate high-frequency magnetic fields.
Obviously, we cannot completely abandon the use of mobile phones and other devices and thus avoid electromagnetic radiation. However it is possible Significantly reduces the effect of cellular radiation and mitigate its harmful health effects.

Provided by the Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Agency The following means Reducing the influence of electromagnetic radiofrequency:

1. Increase the distance between a mobile phone and a person. This can be done with wired headphones, speakerphone mode during conversations, text messages instead of calls, and even holding your thumb between the phone and your ear to avoid direct contact.
2. The specified time Voice calls, especially if you’re not using speakerphone mode.
3. energy level limit from your phone.

Let’s develop this last point.

Imagine: your mobile phone is a device that continuously emits electromagnetic waves to communicate with a base station. Radiation power of a The mobile phone is different From 0.01 watts to 2 watts. The highest level of radiation emitted from a phone is when the connection is established. It is not for nothing that mobile phone manufacturers strongly do not recommend keeping the phone close to your head at this time.

However, the stronger the signal from the provider’s station, the less power the phone needs and the less radiation it produces. In big cities with Many roles, no problem To find the network, the signal is stable.

Subsequently, The weaker the signal level, the more power the phone gives out To establish contact and its strongest radio magnetic radiation. Reception becomes poor in basements and garages as well as outside the city, in sparsely populated areas and forests. Either the towers are too far away, or the radio waves don’t pass through obstacles (thick walls, metal structures, underground floors, etc.). The phone is constantly searching for the correct network band. This happens when electromagnetic radiation is at its highest levels – 1.5 to 2 watts – and becomes dangerous to human health.

The conclusion to be drawn is that to reduce the negative effects of cell phones, it is worth it Keep the cellular network signal level as low as possible in every moment.

device like 4G network booster can help us. An amplifier is a wireless device that receives and repeats a signal from an outdoor antenna installed outside the home. The amplified signal is distributed by the indoor antenna and sent to all mobile devices. In addition to the amplifier box and the two antennas (external and internal), the signal booster system includes cables, connectors and splitters. The latter is necessary for the installation of several indoor antennas at once – if the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room is large and the signal needs to be distributed evenly.

The total transmitting power of the amplifier is not more than 0.3 watts in the room in which it operates, The electromagnetic background is reduced Mobile phone radiation does not exceed 0.2W. This is ten times less than what a mobile phone can emit in an area of ​​poor reception. If there are many mobile phones in the house, the overall intensity of electromagnetic waves will be greatly reduced. The phone will not have to constantly reconnect to different towers and extract an acceptable signal, which also reduces battery consumption.

The negative effect of 4G signal boosters on the organism has not been detected. On the contrary It is recommended to install this device Where the signal is regularly weak – in underground parking lots, on the ground floors, on the upper floors of skyscrapers, outside the city, in villages …

So, with a 4G signal booster, your mobile phone will always run on minimal power, generating much less radiation than before. It will also consume less power, moreover, you will no longer be disturbed by poor network coverage.

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