At the age of 70, she can no longer climb stairs so she is exercising

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In other words, I’ve come a long way… Barely five years ago, this retiree had several health problems and took a lot of medication. Urged on by her daughter, she refused to acquiesce. Courageous and determined, she threw herself hard into the sport. A real turning point in the life of the person who would become a sports influencer to inspire other seniors. A look back at the inspiring journey of this woman of steely temperament.

From shock to click!

Joan MacDonald on the beach

Joan MacDonald on the beach – Source: spm

Joan McDonald is now 75 years old and lives in Ontario, Canada. Exactly 5 years ago, while sitting in her doctor’s office, the news about her health was hardly encouraging. They were even somewhat annoying. Her condition rapidly deteriorated: at that time she was obese. She weighed about 90 kilograms and suffered from many diseases (chronic high blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney failure, acid reflux, arthritis, frequent fatigue, etc.). Her ankles were regularly swollen and she had great difficulty climbing stairs. To alleviate all her health problems, she had been gorging herself on all kinds of drugs for years. Joan’s daughter becomes depressed after talking to Doctor Michel, and breaks down in tears: she tells her mother that her health is failing and that she will have to double the doses of her medications if she does not change her hygiene.

It was like an electric shock. Faced with her daughter’s plight and well aware of her descent into hell, she makes the biggest decision of her life: to radically change her way of life. Armed with an incredible will, the septuagenarian revolutionized her daily life.

First steps in the gym

She is happy after losing her weight

She is happy after losing weight – Source: spm

Joanne decides to leave her comfort zone in an effort to find a healthier life. ” I’m tired of being sick and tired all the timeShe admits. The challenge is definitely intimidating, but she has an iron will and says she’s ready to push her limits. She learns to use an iPhone, buys a kitchen scale (to control her calories), a measuring tape and travels to Mexico where her daughter lives. She runs a gym there. This It is where his adventurous mother will begin with a specially designed program. On the menu: Introduction to fitness and a balanced diet. Of course, the beginning was very boring. ” On several occasions, I’ve considered throwing in the towel. But Michelle and her husband stopped me. And I am very glad of that, otherwise I would not be here today“, she exclaimed. Motivated by those close to her and with her own determination, she refuses to give up and her hard work gradually begins to bear fruit. Quickly, thanks to her intense training and well-thought-out diet program, she sheds pounds and her physique suffers.

More exercise, less medicine!

You train with dumbbells

You train with dumbbells – Source: spm

Over the months, the scales have tilted in his favor. Losing weight further motivates her to surpass herself. Joan understands that her physical exercises have a real impact on her health. Even his medication list is shrinking. Five years later, the miracle happened: I got rid of 30 kg! ” againstIt’s not magic, it’s business. But work that can be appreciatedconfirms the influencer. Not only is her weight loss amazing, but Joanne is so proud of her eradication of her medications from the house. Her doctor was pleasantly surprised to find that she no longer had high blood pressure, her cholesterol level had dropped significantly, and she was no longer a victim of gastric reflux.

Despite the passing of the years and the passage of time, Joan has truly found her transformation. She feels younger and fitter than ever! So much so, that she regularly posts videos of her workouts to networks to motivate all those who want to feel better about themselves. A lesson in real life so everyone should be inspired. One thing is for sure, upon reaching this point Joan assures anyone who will listen that she will never want to go back to her old way of life. On the contrary, she is doubling down on the challenges today and aspires to lift heavier and heavier weights.

Strong physical routine

She shows her body change

She shows the change in her body – Source: spm

I love this routine because it gives me goals to achievesays the 75-year-old retiree who works out indoors 5 days a week, moving between endurance, weight training and cardio. Her weekly routine includes two leg sessions, two upper body sessions and one buttocks session. She also does yoga. In terms of diet, she eats 5 meals a day and regularly consumes vitamin supplements.” Previously, I could skip one or two meals a day and would often eat snacks.She said. Yes, but that was before…

If the septuagenarian’s career has inspired and seduced netizens so much, it is because Joan firmly proves that there is no age to take over. This age is really just a number and it’s never too late to adjust your lifestyle. She chooses to lead by example by sharing her daily life with her subscribers. The most important thing is to have the right motivation, determination, regularity and unconditional support from those close to you. The rest will come with time.

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