A little-known chimney sweep trick to keep your chimney burning all night

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Now discover the technique to keep your chimney burning all night.

How do you keep the chimney fire all night?

Light the chimney fire

Light the chimney fire. Source: spm

To keep the fire burning longer in your fireplace, make sure there is enough oxygen in your wood stove. To do this, open the air inlet for a maximum of 30 minutes. At the earliest You notice the formation of black ash on the logs, carefully close the air inlet. Finally, it is not recommended to completely block the entrance, otherwise the fire will not contain oxygen all night.

In the morning, use a shovel to remove the ash. But do not throw it away, as it can be reused.

Other tips for keeping your chimney burning through the night

wood stove

wood stove. Source: spm

Learn more about other ways to keep your chimney fire burning now.

Choose the right wood: Using hard, non-resinous wood will give you better results. Not only They burn longer, but they also give off less smoke. Oak, ash or maple will allow you to make a big fire.

Dry the wood: If the logs are still wet, remember to dry them before using them. In fact, it may take longer to burn. In addition to, They tend to produce more smoke and generate less heat. Finally, damp logs can leave unpleasant odors in your home.

Chimney Fire: Here’s What To Avoid!

When you are about to light the chimney, it is important to avoid certain practices.

Do not add wood quickly: If you rush to add large pieces of wood, your fire may be put out. In fact, Large, heavy logs can block airflow, which can put out a fire.

Do not use gasoline to start a fire: Even if you don’t have a igniter handy, don’t use gasoline. Indeed, it is dangerous to use such a flammable liquid to start a fire, especially in a dwelling.

Do not leave fire unattended: Invest in hearth protection. In this way, you will protect your children and pets from the heat source.. This protection also reduces the risk of a home fire.

With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your fireplace burning through the coldest nights.

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