Why do experienced housewives add bay leaves to the washing machine? The practical thing that makes life easier

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Why should you use bay leaf in the washing machine?

To revive the color of your linen in addition to perfuming it, it is recommended that you put a few bay leaves in a small airtight cloth bag each time you machine wash. You can also hand wash your clothes and towels, by submerging them in a tub of homemade fabric softener. For this purpose, boil 15 bay leaves for 3 minutes in a liter of water. Leave the product to cool for 30 minutes and pour it into the sink. You only need to soak the linen for a few hours before washing it in the usual way. However, this method is more suitable for dark clothes. For a lighter wash, it is best to use 2 tablespoons of salt in place of a bay leaf.

In addition to To bring Good smell of laundryAnd the This setting will allow you revive color of your clothesWithout the use of fabric softener Industrial.

Bay leaves

Bay leaves. Source: spm

Why avoid using industrial laundry softener?

While it may be tempting to use a synthetic fabric softener, it is not recommended. Actually, this product Contains allergens that may irritate the respiratory tract and cause skin irritation. Moreover, it poses a threat to the environment due to its harsh chemical compounds. Synthetic fabric softener can also clog your washer, leaving a thick film on the detergent drawer and washer ducts, causing mold to grow.

Do your laundry

Do her laundry. Source: spm

Other tips for replacing your fabric softener

Apart from using bay leaves, there are Other natural ways to get soft and fragrant laundryfor satisfactory results.

You can make your own homemade fabric softener using the ingredients you have in your kitchen. For this you will need, 50 cl of mineral water, 25 cl of white vinegar and 10 drops of lemon or lavender essential oil. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl. Then pour the solution obtained into the fabric softener compartment. After each wash, the laundry will be scented with a pleasant fragrance.

On the other hand, White vinegar It will also help you soften your laundry. Thus, it will prevent limescale from being deposited on the laundry, and unpleasant odors will be eliminated more quickly.

To soften and perfume your clothes, you can choose natural ingredients that will help you get softer and more fragrant clothes.

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