What happens when you type 67 on your mobile phone? The little known trick that helps

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When you dial a secret code on the phone’s numeric keypad, a task can be performed automatically giving you access to new functions and interesting settings. But not everyone can know all these little tricks that make life easier. That’s why we chose to reveal to you a code that has proven to be very practical for making phone calls.

What happens when you use the number 67 to make a call?

The following trick works for most mobile and landline operators in France. By simply dialing the number 67 on the telephone keypad, you will still be able to stay on hand in all circumstances. Here’s how it works.

  • Your call will be diverted to another phone number

No. 67

No. 67. Source: spm

If you are already on the line and receive a double call. It is possible to forward the latter to another fixed or mobile line. This option can be very useful when you need to answer an urgent call while you are in the middle of a phone conversation. To forward this call, just Type ** 67 * followed by the number of the forwarding recipient and ending with the # key. To find out if the function is already activated on your line, you can write *#67# And to cancel it, ask #67#.

What are the other types of call forwarding and how do I activate them?

In addition to forwarding calls that you make when you are busy, there are similar functions that allow you to forward a call to another line. These can be enabled as needed.

  • Unconditional or systematic call forwarding

This first option includes all incoming calls without exception. It is automatically forwarded to another line that you choose yourself. To activate it on your phone, Just use **21* followed by the call forwarding number and #. To check if the feature is enabled on your line, type *#21#.

  • Diverting calls in case of no answer

Dial a phone number

Dial a phone number. Source: spm

If you’re on vacation or your phone’s battery is dead, you can always use this second solution so you don’t miss any calls, even if you don’t answer. To program this option on your line, dial **61* then the number of your choice followed by the # sign. Your calls will be automatically forwarded to this number. To see if the option is activated, type The #61#.

  • Divert calls when unreachable

Finally, this last type of call forwarding is activated when the phone is switched off or not picking up the network. In this case, another number will be able to receive this call. To activate, type **62* followed by the phone number and then #. It is possible to check if the option is working by dialing #62#.

Note that to cancel all types of call forwarding, you just need to remove it the star * that precede each symbol.

Using call forwarding can be risky

phone espionage

phone espionage. Source: spm

Call forwarding can come in handy when you want to stay close at hand at all times. However, it carries certain risks that many users are not aware of. This option can be used for spying purposes. Some malicious people can access your phone and activate call forwarding without your consent. They forward your incoming calls to their phone numbers. To avoid these distractions, check if the call forwarding function is active on your phone and deactivate it if in doubt. To achieve this, just use the above methods and codes.

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