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If you have this line on your hand, here’s what it says about your personality

Do you have a heart line on your hand?

Open palm – Source: spm

Hands can tell a lot about us, much more than we think. You already know that the left hand represents who you are and evokes the past. If you like to read the future, it is at your right hand!
According to palmistry, we carry 4 main lines:

Also known as the “love line of Venus,” the heart line is usually located in the upper palm area in a horizontal manner. It can be a circular shape or two separate small lines. Researchers say this line identifies people who are highly sensitive and likely to be emotional. It is not visible to everyone. The absence of this line can indicate an insensitive and unsympathetic personality.

Good to know These lines form on the surface of the palms of the hands in the third month of pregnancy. In scientific terms, these grooves are called “flexion folds”. Their job is to help the skin to properly stretch and stretch the palm.

What does the heart line really mean?

Seeing the palms of his hands – Source: spm

If you have this line on your right palm, it means that you were born to be a leader. You don’t like to depend on anyone and your emotions never take over your goals. You are an ambitious person who always makes well-considered decisions. We trust you and can count on your good judgment in business in particular. You are not really nostalgic or overly emotional, rather you are rational and practical. You’d rather enjoy the present more and keep your feet on the ground.

This line embodies your kindness, originality and vulnerability. You are a very sensitive person who unfortunately doubts his abilities. Perhaps you lack self-confidence. However, we regularly applaud your sincerity and generosity. You are one of those who use common sense to make decisions. But you always tend to put others before yourself. Some just take advantage of your kindness. You must gain confidence to feel better about yourself: you are a person full of values, so you should not underestimate yourself anymore. Great things await you down the road, if you learn to love yourself better.

This type of line proves that you are passionate and emotional by nature. You always just listen to your heart. The mind never says. You can trust others easily, which can sometimes hurt you. But, even if you have to be careful sometimes, you’d rather go to the end of the story. You get a lot of satisfaction from meeting your partner’s needs. They always come before your own desires. You are a complete person who gives body and soul in a relationship. Surrender to happiness and love is good. But be careful not to burn your wings. Stay on your guard every now and then so you don’t fall from above!

This means that you are a patient, kind and affectionate person. You have a big heart and your intentions are always honest. You are known for your helpfulness and generosity. You don’t know how to say no: you always offer to help you, even if it risks causing you harm. In fact, this is how you perceive happiness. As long as you can keep giving love, you will be happy. This altruistic and empathetic tendency will certainly continue throughout your life.

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