Here’s the trick to finding the cheapest gas stations around you

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Given the current situation, refueling has become a luxury. Who is not currently affected by the price per liter at the pump? With prices around €2 per litre, your budget can quickly blow. Fortunately, there is a trick that allows you to find the cheapest gas stations. Explanation.

This is a topic that does not cease to torment the minds of all motorists: “Where do you get fuel while paying the lowest possible price?” Here is the beginning of the answer.

What’s the trick to discover the cheapest gas stations?

In the face of rising fuel prices, refueling has become a source of stress for all motorists. To deal with this, some apps offer you to locate service stations that offer the best prices as well as fuel availability. their goal? It saves you time but above all your precious Euro.


Use Waze

Use Waze. Source: spm

You might not know it, but this app has replaced GPS for a large majority of drivers. Thanks to the efficient geolocation system, You’ll be able to find which gas stations are open, the fastest route to take to get there, but also what prices are charged at the pump.It is updated regularly by users of the app. However, you should be aware that the app is somewhat greedy in terms of space and storage size, given all the features offered.

Petrol and Co

This app has a good reputation, and has the advantage of being constantly updated, thanks to its large community of super responsive users. The information provided is very reliable. so you can, to implement Searches based on fuel required, max distance to travel and price charged. Thus, you will get a list that includes all this information in a clear and accurate way. All you have to do is locate the service station on your phone.

Petrol/diesel now

This application can be used as a price comparison. So, All you have to do is activate the geolocation on your phone to view the nearest gas stations as well as the price of the fuel displayed there. The advantage of this application lies in the fact that it allows information on the prices of other less popular fuels, such as diesel and bioethanol.


Thanks to its intuitive handling and well-thought-out interface, Gaspal will allow you to find the nearest gas stations, in the form of a list or a map. The most interesting feature, especially if you plan to travel. Further and Thanks to Budget tool, the app will allow you to keep track of your fuel expenses.

When will fuel prices drop?

At the moment, the relative decline in fuel is cyclical and some government initiatives are making it possible to take advantage of reductions at the pump. It should also be noted that some supermarkets have set up “cost fuel” operations. The latter undertakes to sell the fuel without making any profit from it.

Finally, it should be noted that the prices that have been imposed recently are partly due to the current economic situation and the various crises it has experienced recently.

Why is the price of fuel not controlled when it is the same everywhere?


Gas. Source: spm

Fuel prices, in France and everywhere in the European Union, are exercised freely. Taxes are set by states and the rate varies widely. Living near the border and refueling in a neighboring country may seem more advantageous in some cases, especially in these times of crisis.. In addition, importers, producers, and distributors set their margins based on the price of raw materials.

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