3 Hairstyles That Make You Look Older Than Your Age: Our tips for looking younger

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At 50, you want to feel good about yourself and project a dynamic image. This of course runs through appearance. If clothes and makeup are important, the effect of the hairstyle should not be overlooked, which can completely change your face and make you look younger. Here are our tips.

3 hairstyles to avoid staying young

Changing your look isn’t always easy, yet your haircut is the key to a younger-looking face. There are style mistakes that need to be removed at the risk of aging, here are some of them:

  1. The hair is very long : If a lioness’s mane was a feature of beauty when she was young in middle age, it loses its luster over time. The older we get, the more our hair loses its density, the ends dry up and long hair eventually becomes unsightly. They hang in long, dull, flat strands and tend to pull facial features down and give a tired look, which isn’t flattering.
  2. Smooth and flat cut: Cuts that are too smooth with a parting in the middle or that are shaped with a brush should be avoided, all the hair being the same length, of the square geometric type. Same for short, straight bangs. Indeed, the loss of volume and shine of the hair does not allow to obtain a beautiful result. This results in a flat, dull cut that straightens features and draws attention to signs of aging.
  3. Inappropriate coloring: Obviously, in your fifties, you’re willing to do anything to hide your white hair. But beware, the most common mistake is to choose a color that is too dark or too uniform, which contrasts with the skin tone, increases wrinkles and the effect of a bad look. It is also necessary to be vigilant when roots appear, which give a neglected effect and lead to aging.
Avoid very long hair and white roots

Avoid very long hair and white roots. Source: spm

Tips for getting a great haircut

You will understand, whether you have fine or curly hair, to maintain a trendy and youthful look, there are some rules to follow. Here are some tips from hair experts and some trendy hairstyle ideas:

Short cut, natural white

Short cut, natural white. Source: spm

  • Shorten for more volume : The worst damage of age is hair loss and loss of density and mass. To remedy that, simply opt for short or mid-length cuts that give the illusion of volume. For this there is a trick: shortening. The shorter the hair, the lighter it is, the more it fluffs up or becomes wavy.
Pixie Bob (square bob) to add volume

Pixie Bob (square bob) to add volume. Source: spm

  • face framing : Regardless of the length, it is very important to structure the cut, working on different lengths: taper, loosen or wavy. Locks should follow the contour of the face to soften features and draw attention to your strengths, such as your eyes. In short: movement, movement, movement… A plunging square, Pixie Bob or Lob, is perfect for rejuvenating your face.
Curly square for framing the face

Curly square for framing the face. Source: spm

  • Fringe to camouflage wrinkles A well-chosen fringe can be an advantage to camouflage the forehead, which is one of the most wrinkled places. Fringe light or curtain is very fashionable.
Lob (long square) with curtain bangs and strawberry blonde color

Lob (long bob) with curtain bangs and strawberry blonde color. Source: spm

  • Choose an appropriate color : White hair isn’t always fatal and we’ve been wearing it proudly since confinement. However, you can choose to color. Make sure to keep tones close to your natural color so that it blends in with your skin tone. Feel free to lighten your skin tone with a wipe to enhance the natural radiance.
Wavy cuts with golden coloring and balayage

Wavy cuts with golden coloring and balayage. Source: spm

All you have to do is choose the cut that suits your body type and tastes and go to your hairdresser to work his magic with scissors, because tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life!

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