Wrapping your keys in aluminum foil prevents your car from being stolen: here’s how

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Although it may sound simple, this trick will protect your car from any possible hacking and theft attempts.

What is this trick to prevent theft of your car?

Thieves never cease to amaze when it comes to committing any malicious act. In fact, they do not hesitate to use technology to steal goods and cars. A condition that still causes fear and fear among motorists. For good reason, car theft continues to increase. Thus, Criminals no longer have to commit a break-in, by pressing the door lock, in order to take possession of the vehicle. Now all they have to do is hack the car key to do so. In fact, hackers pick up the signal from the contactless keys in order to unlock and operate the car door without any difficulty. Weak point, which is not to reassure vehicle owners. Fortunately, there is a simple trick that will allow you to avoid such an accident and protect your car from any attempted theft.

Remote car theft attempt

Remote car theft attempt. Source: spm

Wrap your car keys in aluminum foil to prevent theft attempts

With the advent of contactless keys, criminals have had to adapt by applying and practicing new car theft techniques. To counter any attempt of this kind, there is a trick that may seem confusing at first glance, because it seems very basic and economical. In fact, Just wrap your car keys in aluminum foil.

To be more precise, when your car key emits a wireless signal, it produces an electromagnetic field that spreads in all directions and this is when thieves try to capture the signal sent from the key by amplifying it and using a transmitter powerful enough to transmit to the car. Thus, The aluminum foil acts as a protective layer to absorb the signal from your car keywhich endangers any attempt at hacking and theft.

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil. Source: spm

Other ways to protect your car from attempted theft

Aside from the aluminum foil trick, there are other ways you can protect your car, including:

Park your car in a secure car park: If you don’t have a garage and want to avoid leaving your car outside all night, You can look Park your car In a private car park. In the presence of guards and CCTV cameras, criminals will think twice before they want to take over your car.

Equip your car with an anti-theft alarm and steering wheel lock: What could be more annoying for a thief than attracting attention when committing a crime. Thus, the existence of a file Only the car alarm system will be able to deter it from stealing your carEspecially if the latter is also equipped with a steering wheel lock, which will prevent him from maneuvering the car.

Put a GPS tracker on your car: Thanks to the latter, even in the event of theft, you will be able to locate your car in a few seconds and report it to the police. Depending on the models, you can Alerts you as soon as your car engine starts but also to cut the circuit remotely.

Thanks to this trick, you can beat any attempt to steal your car. In addition, do not hesitate to be extra careful and vigilant by equipping your car with other safety devices.

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