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Why is it important to take a picture of your cook before going on vacation? Advice from an expert

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Why should you take pictures of your fireplace before you go on vacation?

Vacations are meant to relax and forget about everyday things. However, many people wonder if they turned off the bathroom faucet, didn’t put out stove fires properly, or locked the door to the house properly. When you leave home for a few days and no one can take care of it, it is important to make sure everything is in order in order to stay calm.

“Just as you email colleagues at the office or decide to leave your pet with someone you trust before you leave, taking pictures when you lock the door, when you close the garage or when you unplug appliances helps you be more calm and in the moment when you are on vacation.” .

We’ve all had that moment of panic at the airport where we think we didn’t prepare for this flight well. If you take pictures, you can eliminate any suspicion of error or omission,” explains Vincent Chambord, home security expert.

Those who often go on vacation had similar experiences when they left home for a few days. In this way, you can let go of your worries and enjoy relaxing days as often as you like.

The specialist said: “Taking pictures of what you leave behind is a more efficient method and leaves no room for interpretations because you don’t suspect that there is clear evidence in front of you.”

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3 things to do before going on vacation

You have finally managed to book your dream vacation. Before leaving on a trip, you should do a few things to avoid unpleasant surprises.

There are cases where people find out that their bank card is blocked hundreds of miles from home or they are unable to use their phones. If you don’t want such an unfortunate incident to happen to you, here are 3 things to keep in mind before you leave home.

Before you travel, be sure to inform your bank that you are abroad. There have been cases where normal transactions were interpreted as fraudulent and their cards ended up being blocked. A simple phone call can save you trouble.

Don’t leave without money! You definitely have a budget planned for the trip, so go to the currency exchange office and convert the amount you see fit into the currency of the country you are traveling to. Not only will you avoid the problems of not being able to use your card, but you will also save money because you will have time to compare exchange rates.

Some countries require it to be valid for an additional 6 months from the date of travel, others 3. Go to the Department of Foreign Affairs website and see if you qualify.

It is also useful to have a copy of your passport with you. You never know how you might misplace it or risk it being stolen. Better keep it safe!

By following these tips and preparing for your next trip as best you can, you will be protected from doubt and will leave with peace of mind.

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