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The easy trick to get rid of moisture and freshen the house: you only need two ingredients

Faced with the humidity in our indoor spaces, many of us resort to dehumidifiers, but it is also possible to turn to natural alternatives that can prove their worth. explore Two simple, easy-to-use ingredients can reduce humidity and add fragrance to your home.

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What natural ingredients can dehumidify a home and add flavor to it?

The two ingredients in question are most likely in your kitchen cupboards or pantry. thanks to them, You can prepare your own natural dehumidifier.

What you will need:

Tea bags – Source: spm

pour into every jar, 250 grams of salt Then cut off the top of the tea bags and pour the equivalent of one and a half bags of flavored tea. Mix and add 5 drops of essential oil of your choice in the bottles.

Next, cut out two squares of fabric 15 cm or more if the size of the jar requires it. Use rubber bands to secure them to the jars before sealing them with lids and then placing them on In a cool place such as the refrigerator for 3 days. Remember to shake it from time to time to allow the ingredients to combine more. At the end of the three days, the dehumidifier is finally ready to use. Also note that the salt should be replaced if it becomes soggy over time.
Where should natural dehumidifiers be placed to remove moisture from the home?

Start by opening the jars and laying them out In areas of the home exposed to moisture.

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Being a damp room due to steam, the bathroom is one of the strategic areas in the home to put dehumidification jars in. The bathroom is also where the most unpleasant and musty smells appear. You will thus benefit from a pleasantly scented room with a reduced humidity level.

Moisture does not maintain the kitchen either due to the fumes generated during cooking. IIt is recommended to place dehumidification containers near windows.

Does your clothes smell musty? Don’t panic. Simply place a dehumidifier in your closet to fight mold and leave your clothes smelling nice.

When you have to dry your clothes indoors, it creates more moisture in the house. Therefore, your clothes will take time to dry. In such a case, a scented moisture absorber can be used to solve the problem. To do this, you just have to Place the containers next to the drying rack With this simple gesture, you will succeed in reducing the humidity in the room.
You can also use packets filled with baking soda, which is an excellent odor absorber.

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