How to read a WhatsApp message without appearing online?

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With over 2 billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp is a free instant messaging and video calling app. Like many apps, WhatsApp lets senders know if the recipient read the message correctly, thanks to the two small blue checkmarks displayed next to the message. Rest assured, a WhatsApp message can still be read without opening it and even without logging in!

In order to read a secret message, 3 tips are available for you.

Put the phone in airplane mode

Activate Airplane Mode on the phone – Source: spm

Airplane Mode not showing up online on WhatsApp

This technique is the most classic. It consists in activating the airplane mode before reading the message. To do this, just access your mobile settings and activate this configuration that allows you to cut off all network connections. Then open your WhatsApp and read your message with peace of mind.

Online ‘Read Receipt’ option not appearing on WhatsApp

This technique is very simple. Just turn off the option

“Read Receipt” so that the two checkmarks are never blue. To do this, you just need to access the settings of your WhatsApp application, the privacy tab and deactivate the “Read Confirmation” option. Please note that you will not be able to see other people’s read receipts.

Read WhatsApp messages

Read WhatsApp messages – Source: spm

Use WhatsApp tools to not appear online on WhatsApp

On your smartphone screen, tap on an empty space. Keep your finger pressed until the option appears

“widgets”. Find the WhatsApp app and choose the “WhatsApp 4×2” widget option. So your messages will appear on your home screen without having to log in or access the app.

In addition to these tricks, it is also possible to read WhatsApp messages discreetly thanks to the notification bar. For this trick to work, make sure that your WhatsApp notifications are turned on. Otherwise, you can easily activate it on your Android device or iPhone through your smartphones settings. Note that for Apple users, it is even possible to reply to a message without having to access the app. In fact, once the notification bar is displayed, hold it until you can fill out and send your message. This feature allows you to reply to a message without appearing online.

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