do you fill up In some cases, it might be a bad idea to damage the engine

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Put fuel in the car

Putting fuel in the car – Source: spm

A basic gesture… it can cost you dearly!

Although it is not taught in driving schools, refueling has become a common gesture for motorists, especially those who drive a lot or often travel around the country. They used to stop at the station several times a week.

But all the little things we do every day, if not done right, can cause big problems. A priori, refueling with gasoline or diesel is a very simple procedure. But the difficulty lies in determining the exact amount of fuel needed. Beware of misconceptions about it: There are many myths on the Internet that too much or too little gasoline can cause very costly damage.

When refueling, it is important to note that the fuel mixture, like any other compound, loses its properties over time and can damage the tank. When we talk about “bad fuel,” we mean one that sat in the tank for months before it oxidized.

Here’s what to remember, especially if you keep refilling your tanks. On average, gasoline loses its properties after six months. As for diesel fuel, it lasts longer and can be stored for up to 12 months.

What about a car that stands still for a long time? If your car has not been driven much and there is still gas in the car, it will take some time for the first damage to appear. This is why it is essential to know when the fuel is in danger of “running out” in order to prevent potential damage.

Full fuel in the car

Full fuel in the car – Source: spm

What amount of fuel should be preferred?

Determining precisely how long fuel can be kept in a tank is not an easy task. In fact, it is necessary to have an accurate knowledge of the storage period of gasoline from the refining process until the moment of distribution. However, to protect the car engine, it would be better to be aware of it to avoid damage caused by gasoline remaining in the tank.

golden rule : If you want to maintain the engine and maintain optimum performance of your car, it is essential to drive it at least once a month to avoid letting the fuel ferment in the tank.

But what are your refueling habits? Do you refuel often or only occasionally? In general, it is very important to fill the tank without squeezing the nozzle to the limit, especially in summer, because excessive heat can cause fuel to overflow. Also, it is not recommended to fill up with gas when you drive infrequently or plan not to drive for a while, for the above reasons.

Some fuel saving tips:

  • The best time to refuel is in the morning when temperatures are cooler. Thus, the fuel density is lower.
  • If it is often recommended to fill with gasoline when the tank is half full, less air should be stored inside and the rapid evaporation of the fuel should be avoided.
  • On the pump, when you manipulate the gun handle, always choose a slower setting to limit the fumes.
  • Finally, always use high quality fuel to avoid damaging the vehicle.

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