How do you receive 5,000 euros to change the car? The five conditions that must be met to receive the amount

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With the creation of ZFE (low emission zones), millions of cars will be banned from driving in France. The first fines are set for 2024. Thus, the government encourages all motorists to change cars by giving them financial assistance.

How do I get a car conversion bonus?

parked cars

parked cars. Source: spm

With global warming and increasing pollution in big cities, it is important to take certain actions in order to preserve the environment. For this, the government has implemented since 2015, a transfer bonus that allows motorists to benefit fromFinancial assistance of up to 5,000 euros for the purchase of a low-pollution vehicle, such as electric or hybrid vehicles. This environmental bounty is not reserved for everyone. In fact, certain conditions must be met in order to be eligible.

  • Eligibility conditions to benefit from the vehicle conversion bonus

To take advantage of this bonus, you must meet the eligibility criteria. The first is the commitment to replace your old car with a less polluting vehicle. In addition, you must be of legal age and reside in France. Next, you must buy or lease a long-term lease, vehicle for a minimum of two years. You must also be registered in France and keep the vehicle for at least 6 months or 6,000 km. Finally, you must respect the purchase price limit according to the vehicle acquired.

What vehicles are affected by the conversion bonus?

Not all vehicles are eligible for a conversion bonus. Here are the affected cars.

  • Old cars to destroy

Old vehicle to destroy

Old vehicle to destroy. Source: spm

Those concerned with the conversion premium, diesel engine vehicles registered before 2011 and gasoline engine vehicles registered before 2006. The car must have been purchased for at least a year, be registered in France, be insured and not damaged. It must also be turned in to an “Out of Use Vehicle” (ELV) center to be destroyed, 3 months or 6 months after its purchase.

What are the purchase criteria that must be met to benefit from the referral bonus?

To be eligible for a conversion bonus, the vehicle you are about to acquire must meet certain criteria. It must be Crit’Air rated 1 and run on petrol, purchased or leased on a long term lease of two years or more, and offered for sale at a price equal to or less than €50,000. The car must also be registered in France and not be considered damaged. Finally, it must emit a maximum CO2 rating of 132g/km if new or less than 6 months old. This average is 137g CO2/km for used vehicles.

Transfer bonus amounts for your vehicle

The conversion bonus amount varies according to your tax reference income. For the purchase of an electric car, the amount of the installment can be up to 5,000 euros. To qualify, your tax reference income must be less than or equal to €6,300.. You must also cover more than 12,000 km annually in your personal car, as part of business trips. If all these conditions are not met, the award amount will be 2,500 euros.

Conversion Bonus allows you to take advantage of an eco-bonus to replace your old car and save the environment. Additionally, this conversion bonus is enhanced with the purchase of a bike.

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