What not to do when charging the phone: a badly forgotten habit

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Today you will understand how best to protect your devices and extend the life of their batteries.

The smartphone battery is low

Charge the smartphone with an empty battery. Source: spm

Modern smartphone batteries are more efficient and have no memory effect

Lithium-ion batteries do not operate at all in the same way as previous ones. They do not proceed with the accumulation and then liberation from which “memory” usually stems. Thanks to the addition of a new material, lithium, they are now like small production units, which certainly need an energy source at the base (recharge) but which themselves produce an electric current. , By ion exchange, active small particles of lithium, ions. These microscopic items only need energy to create another item that will be used to use your device.

How to properly charge a smartphone? Bugs that “kill” the battery

It’s the famous, independent Android Authority that determines in a recent call that there’s a persistent battery myth for phones and other cell phones that you completely discharge and recharge your phone’s battery from time to time. Erase Battery Memory. This is in fact a false habit that was maintained by the advice to use the first lead-acid batteries, however, it is necessary to quickly realize it, this notion received is clearly detrimental to modern batteries, those that consist of lithium-ion.

If you look up the information on your smartphone manufacturer’s website, you’ll get confirmation: it’s just a bug based on the outdated discharge procedures of the first models. Existing batteries do not need to be fully discharged.

charge the battery up to 100%

Charge the battery up to 100%. Source: spm

Partial charging, in the sense that it does not reach 100%, is an excellent solution that extends battery life. In general, it is best to keep the charge level between 30 and 80%, even if you have to charge the phone ten times a day. that Maintains low effortresulting in significantly less battery damage, charge after charge.

charge your battery up to 80%

Charge your battery up to 80%. Source: spm

Don’t be afraid to charge your phone periodically to extend its life. In the short term, you’ll notice it pretty quickly, with strictly lead batteries, recharge time increases as the battery ages, it took longer to recharge it, 2 hours when bought, and 1 night at the end of life. With lithium-ion batteries, you’ll find that’s not the case. Even after three years of use, you can recharge 40-50% in an hour, about the same as in the early days.

What other mistakes should you avoid when charging your smartphone?

Recharging a smartphone is a common gesture that is repeated several times a day. Although it is a common occurrence, it is important to maintain the useful life of your device, but it is still necessary to avoid some errors when loading it. According to Phonandroid, to improve your smartphone’s battery life, some habits need to be banned.

  • Wait until the battery is empty to recharge your device, as mentioned above;
  • Recharge your smartphone to 50%. Acknowledge that this has already happened to you, for fear of running out of battery and not getting through the day;
  • Use any charger that is not compatible and does not match the amperage of the supplied charger;
  • use the smartphone while charging; It will tend to heat up.
  • Using fast charging is bad for the battery. Fast charging is like boosting cells, but there comes a time when life expectancy goes down. It is the same for your device that sees its battery being misused in this way.

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