The new moon on November 23rd brings unexpected surprises to these zodiac signs

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The New Moon in Sagittarius marks the beginning of good times for the people of 3 zodiac signs. Luck will accompany them in their professional and personal lives. In fact, they can feel great at work and with their loved ones. The energy of this New Moon, combined with the optimism and dynamism of Sagittarius, is an opportunity for these zodiac signs to make a fresh start.

What 3 zodiac signs will be lucky during the new moon in Sagittarius?

The new moon will be placed in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius. This astronomical event inspires optimism, expansion, and attracts abundance. The new moon is also a time for new experiences. When placed under a fire sign, it encourages us to take risks and go to the end of our desires.

  • Lion

lucky lion

Lion. Source: spm

During this new moon, Inspiration will be there for Leo. This will help him move forward with his projects. Moreover, the work of the native of this sign will go well. He might even allow himself to take a break after several weeks of hard work. Those relaxing days will be well deserved, Because Leo will achieve good results at work. The energy of Sagittarius will allow him to feel confident and light during the new moon. To decompress, this fire sign could consider an evening out with friends. Leo is also known for its sense of humor Unparalleled sense of humor. Her joy is contagious and beneficial to her loved ones. Indeed, his entourage appreciates his presence, And his friends love being with him.

  • balance

Lucky Libra

balance. Source: spm

The New Moon will be an opportunity for Libra to hone their skills and enrich their knowledge. This Air sign will be able to stand out in his work and draw attention to himself. Thanks to his seriousness and hard work, Libra will be able to achieve what you aspire to, over the next few days. A native of this sign will experience success in his career, but he will also be lucky in love. The new moon will be an occasion for him to meet a soul mate And fill your daily life with romance and passion. This new romantic story will brighten his days and let him To break the monotony of routine. Libra will also be able to invest in their career and life as a married couple. In fact, thanks to its restorative nature, She can combine the two. However, the new moon on November 23 promises some great surprises for this air sign.

  • Sagittarius

Lucky bow

Sagittarius. Source: spm

Luck will be on the side of Sagittarius during the new moon. This lovable and adventurous sign will be driven To live new experiences. His dynamism and energy allow him to attract many interesting opportunities. Indeed, he will be able to easily find interesting job offers useful for his career. It is also easy for a native of this sign to set their sights on a charming person who will know how to conquer his heart forever. Favored by the stars, Sagittarius can, during this new moon, Get what he wants.

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