Does E10 fuel increase fuel consumption and does it really cost more?

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Like everyone else, don’t bother with these different products offered at the pump. Gasoline or diesel, two options. On the other hand, you are attracted to cost now. Since 2017, E10 fuel has established itself in all EU countries. It costs less, through an unexpected tax effect, and now rivals diesel. But there is a drawback to this fuel, which is spreading across Europe.

E10 fuel

E10 fuel. Source: spm

What distinguishes SP95 – E10?

This fuel contains ten percent bioethanol, which is alcohol obtained by processing agricultural products. It was established with the aim of reducing greenhouse gases on the continent, developing renewable energies in transportation, as well as supporting the agricultural sector by giving it other outlets.

Why is SP95 E10 involved?

The wind blows across the canal. In the British Isles, the controversy was fierce. Part of the websites and YouTube channels, the wave of anger does not stop, even at the sacred gates of the RAC, the Royal Automobile Club, which takes part in the debate by expressing doubts about the energy value of the fuel. E10 will increase consumption. What the user confirms by reporting that he would have traveled 50 km less than another product: the contents of the reserve, as reported by the British news magazine Express ! This is because E10 burns less efficiently than premium unleaded gasoline. Thus, motorists who choose unleaded petrol will be able to travel longer distances.

If it is proved that E10 has a lower energy value than gasoline, it should be noted that the resulting overconsumption is 2 to 3%, not even equivalent to under-inflated tires.

Your car’s computer will alter the air-fuel balance to compensate for this relative loss of power. Furthermore, it is advised to avoid leaving fuel in place for more than three months. Empty the cupboards, stop stocking up on produce, buy them for the uses they are made of. As far as the mechanics are concerned, it is a matter of paying more constant attention in the inspections and maintenance of the vehicle’s use, to avoid sudden and very expensive extra costs.

Stock up on fuel

Stock up on fuel. Source: spm

SP 95-E10 Evolution in Motion…

The share of bio ethanol will continue to increase over the years. We must then move on to Brazil: E85… The fuel share will be of biological origin, 85%. Unbridled volunteering since 1975 wasn’t enough, and hydrocarbon manufacturers and distributors had to quickly adapt mechanical parts, tanks, tubs, and all other accessories. Today we systematically introduce E25 or even E100 into the pump. 47% of the Brazilian vehicle fleet has been adapted.

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