Why does the service station charge more than the actual amount for the tank?

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Refueling and paying with a credit card can be more trouble than expected. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Why do you end up with a blocked amount in your bank account after refueling?

Saving money is the current goal of every motorist. Indeed, in the face of rising fuel prices, they found themselves forced to limit their travel. This is not the case for all car owners. In fact, some of them have no choice but to use their car daily, whether to get to their place of work or to take business trips. Many kilometers have to be covered, which requires a regular supply of fuel. Therefore, going to service stations becomes a real ritual that must be performed. However, it is no longer the price of fuel that currently challenges motorists. In fact, It is not uncommon for them to discover a blocked amount in their bank account after filling it into the automatic fuel dispenser. A position that never fails to surprise and challenge, but is ultimately popular.

Fill up and pay with a credit card

Fill up and pay with a credit card. Source: spm

A “deposit” amount deducted from your bank account

The Fuel vending machines Created a “Deposit” system to avoid any possible fraudThese pumps operate 24 hours a day.

A process that can be explained as follows: when refueling at an automatic fuel dispenser, you must first enter your bank card. from there, The device sends a pre-authorization request to your bank based on a certain pre-determined amount, in order to ensure that your account is sufficiently funded.. An amount ranging from 100 to 150 euros. Thus, if your account is adequately funded or you have an overdraft authorization, your bank authorizes the distributor to fuel you. However, from this moment on, your bank card has been cut off from its payment limit.

Moreover, if the maximum amount is not reached, the refund will be made automatically and immediately and only the actual amount will be charged for the full amount executed. However, it is not uncommon to find that The “deposit” amount set by the auto fuel dispenser takes a few days or even several weeks to be released from the bank accountwhile the exact amount of the full tank will be deducted within 24 or even 48 hours.

What do you do if an amount is deducted from your account without explanation?

It’s not uncommon when you look back at your bank statement or account to notice an anomaly. In fact, you have been charged a certain amount without being able to justify it with any explanation.

The amount deducted by mistake

The amount taken by mistake. Source: spm

In such a case, you must act quickly by reporting this incident to your bank immediately. In accordance with Monetary and Financial Law, as the relevant account holder, you have 13 months to report an anomaly regarding a payment transaction that you did not request. Thus, after announcing this unauthorized operation, your bank must reimburse you for the deducted amount.

When you go to a fuel vending machine to refuel and if you have any doubts about your account balance, prefer cash to avoid any situation that may affect your bank card usage afterwards.

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