15 pixie bobs or pixie bobs

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The pixie bob haircut is back in fashion, and it is loved by women who love comfort and at the same time want to have different styling options. Find out the trendiest ways to cut a pixie and learn how to style this trendy hairstyle well.

The Pixie Bob is a combination of a short pixie cut and a bob. The pixie bob, also known as a bixie, was all the rage in the 2000s, and now it’s back in a slightly modified form. Its domed version is no longer fashionable.

The trend now is a strong ombre hair that allows you to structure the hairstyle. It’s safe to say that the hottest pixie has currently taken on the persona of a shaggy bob. This is the trendy layered hairstyle of the 70’s.
Of course, in the trends there is also a place for a slightly smoother pixie cut, but as mentioned, the most desirable thing is to give the hairstyle a three-dimensional structure.

It is best to spray slightly damp hair with a sea water modeling spray and dry it with a hair dryer and a large round brush. Now is the time for the most important step. Apply styling powder to the hair and press it in to give structure to the hairstyle.
In our gallery you will find the most fashionable suggestions for a pixie bob haircut. Here are some common ideas:

  • Pixie bob with curled ends.
  • with curtain fringe.
  • Layered and wavy bob haircut.
  • Pixie bob is paired with shaggy shades.

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