What should be placed on the window sill to avoid condensation? Unusual trick

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Condensation is a common problem in homes, which appears when it starts to get cold and temperatures drop. However, it is possible to prevent windows from fogging up by using this unexpected trick.

How to avoid condensation on windows?

Condensation on the window

Condensation on the window. Source: spm

Condensation forms in the presence of heat and moisture. When warm, moist air in a home comes into contact with a window or a cold surface, Moisture, which is nothing but water vapor in the air, is a liquid. Then drops of water appear on the window. Condensation is mainly favored by the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, Which is accentuated by the use of heating. That is why this phenomenon is especially common in the fall and winter. Poor home insulation or capillary elevation It can also be responsible for condensation.

To overcome this inconvenience, it is possible to use cat litter. This unusual trick is very effective at avoiding fogging up windows, and for good reason. Bedding helps absorb moisture.

cat litter

cat litter Source: spm

For this trick, you will simply need a litter box and a pair of socks. Make sure there are no holes in the socks And fill it with litter to the heels. Tie a knot to close them And put it on the windowsill. The litter will be able to absorb condensation, in order to find the windows without traces of water, the next morning.

Another trick is to fill one sock with rubbish, tie it shut, then put it in the second sock, so that it is more resistant.

This trick is recommended Silica cat litterbecause this material absorbs moisture more effectively.

Note that you can also use this trick to prevent car windows from fogging up.

What are some other tips for avoiding condensation on windows?

Water drops on the window

Water drops on the window. Source: spm

To avoid condensation, it is important Ventilate the house daily To refresh the surrounding air and promote good air circulation. You can also get a dehumidifier To regulate the humidity level. Moreover, high humidity is bad for your home but also for your health. This promotes the development of fungus and mold on the walls on window frames, In addition to promoting respiratory problems.

To avoid condensation on the windows, you can also use dishwashing liquid. To do this, put a few drops of dishwashing liquid on a slightly damp microfiber cloth, then rub the windows in circular motions. for Leave no trace. Then wipe the windows with a dry cloth. This trick can be renewed every month to prevent fogging.

To reduce condensation, it is also important to pay attention How to dry clothes. Sometimes, due to bad weather, we have to dry our laundry indoors. However, this can increase the humidity level in the home and promote condensation and mold. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to ventilate the house to get rid of excess moisture. And to keep the drying rack near an open window.

As you will understand, thanks to the cat litter, you will remove the excess moisture responsible for the formation of condensation on the windows of the house.

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