Parisian brush head to create more volume for your hair

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The French approved way to give your hair extra volume.

While we all love hair curlers and straighteners, sometimes our hair dryer is the ultimate hair styling tool. In fact, a simple hair dryer can do much more than just dry hair, as anyone who appreciates a professional hair dryer knows.

But even if a bounce-back look isn’t your thing, your blow-dryer might be the ticket to “cool girl hair.”

Raise the crown

Don’t just take our word for it: In a master class, veteran designer and Ghd ambassador Zoe Irwin shares the techniques she uses with models and celebrities.

After traveling extensively to excel at her craft, Irwin discovered a hoax that stuck with her. What Parisiennes do when they blow-dry their hair is focus on the crown. The higher the hair at the crown, the more it lifts the jawline. Imagine Brigitte Bardot, Charlotte Gainsbourg or Clemence Poisy. The signature of her effortlessly tousled locks is the slight difference in height around the crown that elevates her look. (Literally).

Once the hair was almost dry, Irwin learned to “take a triangular section of hair from the back of the head and wrap the hair around it with a large round brush” (the bigger the brush, the more volume you get). You have).

Drying size advice

Point the hair dryer—on the warm setting—towards the part, “directing the air first up, then down.”

Next comes the all-important cool shot—“Cold hair in a cool setting lasts for best styling”—before removing the hair from the brush.

“Even if you blow-dry your hair, it gives it a nice boost,” says the expert.

Easier brushing tips

Whether you want a smooth or silky finish when blow-drying, Irwin has a few other tips that will ensure you get a better result:

When drying your hair, focus on drying first. “You want to get 95 percent of the water out,” says Irwin, explaining that it will make a huge difference in the health of the hair when you start styling it.

“This is because when hair is wet, it is more susceptible to damage.”

take your time. “Finish each section with a view while it dries,” she advises. “Reheat each section thoroughly, then cool it completely before moving on to the next.” Ensuring that each section is looking great has multiple benefits. Not only will this hold hair in place, but the cool air will also provide extra shine.
Use styling products. Always use a heat protectant spray when drying. “If you end up with flyaway hair at the roots after blow-drying, apply a styling product to your palms and gently sweep through the roots with your hands,” Irwin suggests. But don’t forget to adopt an imperfect finish. Like real Parisians.

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