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computer slow? The simple trick to make it 3 times faster, no need to change it

If you are using your computer and find that all the tasks you are doing are running slow, then it would be a good idea to do this Check out some details to make sure it works efficiently. Find out these few tips to put them into practice before you even think about parting with your device.

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How do you make your computer faster?

Over the years, it is normal for your computer to become less responsive. Fortunately, you can tweak a lot of details to make it faster:

You can use your computer’s memory simply by allowing programs to run automatically in the background. This is a frequent problem on phones and contributes to their slowdowns. In such a case, you should disable all programs that you don’t really need and keep only programs like firewall and antivirus.

Press the Windows key, click on Settings and then go to Privacy. You will then be redirected to another window. Scroll down the sidebar on the left until you find Background apps and then once above it, you have it List of all programs to be enabled or disabled.

Between programs you don’t need and those pre-installed in your computer, your device space is unnecessarily occupied. As in the case of requests Runs in the background That you use a few, it is preferable to deactivate or even delete them. To do this, you will follow steps similar to those of the previous case.

Click on the Windows key, go to Settings and this time tap on Apps. In the list of programs offered, Uninstall the ones you don’t use.

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Every computer offers power management options that usually fall into 3 or 4 modes: balanced mode, power saving mode, and high performance mode. If you want to improve battery life, you should choose to stop. But this also means that the speed of your device will be lower. Therefore, it is preferable to choose the performance mode If you want to increase the speed of your computer And his ability to perform various tasks. Note, however, that this advice applies primarily to desktop computers. Your laptop will drain quickly in this case. Also find out what happens when you leave your laptop always connected.

When you use your computer, the data on your hard drive gets fragmented. By defragmenting it, you organize the files while freeing up some space. This will allow your computer to run faster.

Click Workstation Then right-click on the disk that you want to defragment. Click Properties at the bottom, then hit the Tools tab and Drive Optimization & Defragmentation.

Malware detection – Source: spm

The less time a computer spends dealing with viruses and errors, the faster it will run. It is important to have an antivirus, anti-malware, and spyware detector installed for this. These are additional contributions to your computer that help him work more efficiently And without much trouble.

You can apply these tips anytime your computer feels slow. With these simple solutions, you will solve this problem without having to change your computer.

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