Not making this mistake with the car could cost you a €375 fine and 6 points less on the licence

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By adopting responsible driving, you will avoid any risk of an accident as well as a possible fine accompanied by deduction of points.

What is this offense that could amount to a fine of 375 euros and 6 points on the driver’s license?

Whether it’s on the way to work, going out for the weekend, or running some errands, we can sometimes neglect the rules of the road without even realizing it. A situation that could endanger our lives and the lives of other users, especially pedestrians. This is why pedestrian crossings are put in place to allow them to cross the road safely. These lanes are achieved by large white rectangular bars, and serve as a warning to drivers. But what happens if motorists do not respect this right of way?

In-Street Ped Crossing

In-Street Ped Crossing. Source: spm

Refusal to give way to pedestrians, a crime that can be very expensive

Pedestrians are more vulnerable compared to vehicles traveling on public roads, and pedestrians have certain rights related to the Highway Code, particularly when they wish to cross the road by taking the famous pedestrian crossing. Unfortunately, it happens that some enthusiastic drivers do not respect this right of way. An action that could have serious consequences for motorists.

Indeed and as provided for in Article R415-11 of the Traffic Code published on, All motorists are required to yield, and stop if necessary, in front of one or more pedestrians who undertake to cross the road. or who have clearly demonstrated this intent by turning around in the pedestrian area or meeting area.

In this case, the offending drivers expose themselves to A fixed fourth degree fine of €135 which can be increased to €375. Moreover, this The violation also leads to the loss of 6 points on the driver’s license.

Finally, any driver is guilty of this offense Also subject to an additional fine is suspension of the driver’s license, for a maximum period of three years.

Driver's disrespect for pedestrian crossing

Driver’s disrespect for pedestrian crossing. Source: spm

Other examples of violations that result in fines of 4The tenth Class

Depending on the severity of the infraction, each driver risks a fine, points withdrawal, license suspension or even an immobilization of their vehicle. As such, 4 finesThe tenth The category is the most common and leads to a flat fine of €135, here are some examples.

Don’t stop at a red light: The highway symbol is visible in this thread, Every motorist must stop at a red light. By not respecting this, the latter can be signed in addition to the fixed fine of 135 euros, the withdrawal of 4 points from his driver’s license in addition to the suspension of the latter for 3 years.

Driving without registration: According to Section R322-5 of the Traffic Code, every vehicle owner must have a registration certificate. A document that must be presented to law enforcement authorities during a roadside check. In addition to a fixed fine of €135, failure to hold a gray card can result in the vehicle being immobilized.

Driving without or illegible license plate If this is not possible: allow vehicle identification, numbering plate It must be properly attached to the vehicle and be fully legible and legible. illegible, missing or inappropriate plate and the motorist is subject to a fixed fine of €135, with the risk of having his vehicle immobilized.

As you may have noticed, respecting the Highway Code is essential or even essential to avoid any offense that could result in a heavy fine as well as deduction of points on the driver’s license.

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