Here’s what 5 minutes of showering costs you on your bill

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Do you want to know how much every minute you spend in the bathroom costs? Here is the beginning of the answer.

How much can a 5 minute shower per day cost?

With the arrival of the cold, which we feel more and more, we all tend to appreciate a hot shower a little more, whether in the morning or in the evening. Therefore, we do not hesitate to take advantage of this moment of relaxation and relaxation, even if it only lasts 5 minutes. Let’s say, most of us do not care about the volume of water consumed at this time. naturally, The longer you have that fun, the more likely the price of your shower will go up, which will spike your energy bill along the way. But if you agree to only spend 5 minutes in the bathroom for the sake of economy, here’s what it might cost you.

Shower cost per minute

average, We consume between 60 and 80 liters of water during each shower. A figure that may seem important, but it remains relative compared to a bathroom, whose average water consumption ranges between 150 and 200 liters. As a result, the bathroom is more beneficial from an economic and environmental point of view. In any case, the water consumption in the shower is calculated in minutes and in this case it is not recommended to exceed 5 minutes.

Water consumption while taking a shower depends above all on the equipment and its use. In addition, it is now possible to reduce the amount of water consumed by equipping the shower with some accessories. Be aware, however, of this During each shower, we generally consume between 15 to 20 liters per minute.

To find out the cost of a 5-minute shower, you need to calculate the cost of water and electricity consumption, and then add them together. For example, if you take a shower for 5 minutes and consume 16 liters per minute, that will give you 80 liters. If the price per cubic meter of water in the municipality where you live in this case is 4 €, i.e. 0.004 € per liter, then the cost of water consumed will be 0.32 € (80 x 0.004), adding the price of electricity consumption 0.28 €, each 5-minute shower will cost you About 0.60 euros.

In the end and With a 5-minute shower every day, it will cost you €219 annually (0.60 € x 365 days).

to note it These numbers are for information only because many variables come into playto know The price per cubic meter of water specified in each municipality as well as the price specified per kilowatt-hour by each electricity supplier.

Enjoy a hot shower

Enjoy a hot shower. Source: spm

How to reduce water consumption while showering?

If you like to spend long periods under hot water while taking a shower, You can reduce water consumption By selecting some accessories to reduce the flow of water.

shower stopper: If you want to avoid wasting water, especially when using soap, a shower stop button will come in handy for you. easy to use, You can stop the water by pressing it once and then restarting it by pressing it a second timewithout reducing the temperature and flow rate of the water during the outage.

Economic throat Technology: We can never stop advancing, and the economical shower head proves that Limit water consumption to 6 or even 7 liters per minute. So you can save 50% compared to traditional shower head.

shower head

shower head. Source: spm

thermostatic mixer: Thanks to this device, you can get water almost instantly, without having to run around and waste water, waiting for it to reach the perfect temperature.

shower timer This tool will alert you if the shower continues. Handy and practical, if you don’t want to go beyond 5 minutes!

As you have seen, in no case should you underestimate the cost of a shower. From now on, if you want to save money, you know what you need to do.

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