Hair trends 2023: The most stylish hair colors

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It’s hard to believe that 2022 is already coming to an end.

In 2022, we saw the fashion of the 2000s return with low-rise jeans and mini mini skirts. And there were so many colorful and expressive makeup looks and hair trends that we hope to see more of.

While it’s hard to say goodbye to 2022, as we enter the new year, there are still more exciting trends to explore.
New years are the best opportunities we can find to update our looks, which is why we’ve rounded up the new hair color trends, from blondes, to brunettes, redheads, to bold fashion colors, there really is something for everyone.

The hair color trend of 2023

Platinum blonde: a charming color, very light blonde close to white. It is also the lightest shade in the shade charts. Platinum blonde is a hair color reminiscent of blonde icon Marilyn Monroe, the global ambassador for platinum hair. For more ideas and models of platinum blonde you can see platinum hair color

Mahogany Hair: Mahogany hair color is a mixture of brown and red tones. Depending on the amount of brown and red shades applied, mahogany hair can range from light to vibrant and is usually described as rich or deep. Mahogany hair colors can include shades of chocolate and coffee, which can be mixed with red tones such as maroon, burgundy, and lilac. Mahogany colors are a trendy hair color that women dream of all year round! Here are the best mahogany hair color pictures

Blonde hair: If you’ve been thinking of rocking a blonde look, now’s the time because blonde just doesn’t seem to leave the list of hottest hair colors in 2023. Shades of blonde will be mushroom blonde, honey blonde, champagne blonde, and golden blonde. in the spotlight. The best colors you’ll see in 2023.

Rose Gold Hair Color: Rose gold hair is undoubtedly a style that any girl can pull off when done right. Whether your choice is pink for your brown hair, or rose gold accents, this creative hue can go with just about anyone!

Red hair and the red palette with its nuances will also be among the most popular colors in 2023, of course we must not forget about coloring techniques such as sweeping and coining, we will also see a great return to hair shading. Thick hair with intense highlights will still be there.

There are so many trends, so many colors and coloring techniques in the coming year, all you have to do is make the right choice.

A good choice should be made in a hair salon after discussing the look with a professional hairdresser who will give you the necessary tips for successful coloring, especially when it comes to a drastic change such as platinum blonde or red.

Your stylist will be able to tell you which color will best match your skin tone.

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